Current/Future Shows

Where to see my work now, and, (as best I can tell you at this moment), in the near future. Updated Feb 2017


I have been getting back into making over thrift store reprints, and even some political themed art, and you may be seeing that pop up at shows this year.

You may also see the usual stream of new miniatures using collage of my own doodles combined with words or headlines from the newspaper. I can’t explain what process drives the doodles; it’s very subconscious and so is the choosing of newspaper words to cut out. It is almost meditative to get out piles of old drawings and news clipping words and pair them up. People seem to find very personal meanings in them which delights me.


Examples of my wood block miniatures. © Cindy Schnackel 2016

Many of this group already sold. But there are more! And they are at:

{9} The Gallery, in the gift shop.

1229 Grand Ave, Phoenix AZ.

If you don’t see the mini’s at {9}, ask. Small things get moved around depending on shows but a few will usually be out, and often on a shelf since quite a few are on blocks of wood that can either hang or sit. The staff will bring out any that are not on display at the time if you ask for my work. There are probably half a dozen still there, left from my solo show last year.

The Artery (aka Studio 6)

623 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, AZ

Though I’m not part of the six artists who have an artist co-op and studio space in this building, I am part of a group of women painters who snapped up a wall space at the Artery, for the year of 2017. We will be doing group shows and rotating artists. I currently have four “Love Bird” mixed media pieces in the gallery thru March 2nd. In March, I anticipate having a piece there in a group of work based on the self portrait. (No, it won’t be “Cooties” LOL, though now that I think of it…) The Artery is normally only open First Fridays of each month, but also by appointment, and will be open for Art Detour weekend, March 17-19.


429 W Jackson St, Phoenix, AZ

(602) 257-8929

I’ve been asked to show some of my work during Art Detour, March 17-19, at this huge and beautiful space. The Icehouse has some daytime hours but is almost always open for First and Third Friday artwalks. Details TBA!

Sadly, I did not get anything done for the Mutant Pinata show, the annual event run by Beatrice Moore on Grand Ave and that is held at Chartreuse gallery. I have only done it once, last year, and my pinata sold, so I was pretty motivated to do it again but just couldn’t work it in in time. There is a lot of drying time in between stages for the way I construct 3D work and that’s what made me have to scratch it. Darn! Next year.

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