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All of my work, here or from other sources, is © (copyright) Cindy Schnackel, aka Cindy Pollock Schnackel, all rights reserved.

My work is not in the public domain, nor are any of my works “orphans.”

Purchase does not transfer copyrights. (Licensing the use of an image is a separate issue.) 17 UCS 202(a) and 204(a) particularly: https://copyright.gov/title17/92chap2.html

None of my material from any source may be used, altered, reproduced, uploaded, downloaded, copied, etc, nor may my copyright management info be removed (e.g. watermark, etc). My material is NOT for free illustrations, ads, memes, avatars, etc! Those are infringements, not “fair use.” All these examples must be by permission only.

Retaliation from infringers: if you send me nasty messages, I will almost certainly publish them.

“SHARING”  Uncredited sharing does not promote the artist. If everyone always shared in a way that attribution went with the image every time it was reshared, it’d be great. (Sharing a link for example.) But that’s not what happens in real life. Many of the infringements of my work were the result of viral and uncredited sharing, particularly before I put a large watermark on my images to keep them identifiable and make them less useful to infringers. Whatever psychological factors are at work, the moment an image is uncredited, people view it as though it fell from the sky as a gift to them, and it ends up as an ad for a restaurant or a political meme.

Due to problems with attribution and other copyright issues particular to Pinterest, I do not permit pinning of my work.

MEDIA AND WATERMARKS: Because of an increase in infringement problems for artists, media photographers might ask this question, “Could someone use this image to make an ad, illustration, etc?” If yes, (if the artist wants it), it probably needs to be watermarked.  Generally, gallery event shots, portraits of the artist with their work, studio shots, etc, are less likely to appeal to infringers; I’m mainly talking about straight on art shots and only about online ones, not print. I started requesting watermarks for online media coverage because the unmarked images show up on search engines, where infringers use them as if they were free clip art. I’ve been very thankful for those media sources that understand and put my watermark on their online versions of the article’s images! Most artists want media coverage, and I’m no different. It was a hard decision to make.

I appreciate anyone telling me where they saw suspected infringements of my work. Though I do reverse image searches, there is no 100% complete way of finding all infringements. I do the same for artists I know or whose work I recognize, when I know they’d appreciate being told.

Thank you to all who respect the copyrights of artists!

*US Copyright Office PDF: http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf

(The DMCA, Digital Millenium Copyright Act, is a US law designed to afford web hosts ‘safe harbor’ from liability for infringing material posted by 3rd parties, provided they comply with DMCA takedowns. Many countries have agreed to abide by the Act.)

Copyright and Fair Use Myths and FAQ’s: 







© Cindy Schnackel–most of the wording in my copyright notice is my own, not a template, so please do not just copy and paste this notice to your own page. (Oh, the irony!) The list of links at the end is not copyrightable, and I’m not claiming it is; it is simply a list of web pages, and I encourage you to read, share, and post the list of links, in the hope that it educates your readers, too, that the internet is not free clip art. Thank you.