Commissions and Bird Portraits

Coffee Drinking Chicken (one of a series), about 16 x 20 in, acrylic on panel, Done as a commission in about 2011 or 2012.

I’ll post a few images of past commissions on this page, as well as my Terms for doing new ones. The above Chicken painting was done as a commission for someone who saw and liked my 60 x 48 inch Giant Coffee Drinking Chicken when I painted it for an art show in 2011. They wanted a smaller one on the same theme. In all, I painted several ‘coffee drinking chickens’ in the series, most larger scale.

TERMS for commissions and/or bird portraits

Buyer supplies photos of their bird and/or descriptions, etc, to make clear what they want in discussion leading up to an estimate. The work will be in a style I normally do or agree to, (be sure that it is my style you want). I give a price when I have all the info. If we have an agreement we proceed.

Down payment of 25% is non refundable. Prices are a little more than my inventory pieces of similar size and complexity because custom work takes longer.

Work begins when the down payment has cleared. I take paper checks, (and cash if we’re doing business in person). I am planning on getting a card payment system but do not yet have it.

At my discretion I may or may not do preliminary sketches or show Work In Progress pictures (WIPs).

After final approval, and when the final payment clears, I turn over the artwork to the buyer.

I retain copyright to the artwork, sketches, and photos of it, the same as for any other of my work. A commission is not a ‘work for hire’ which pertains to an employee relationship not contract work. IF you wish to buy or license copyrights that is a separate agreement and cost. Because I’ve had an infringement problem, I ask that buyers refrain from taking straight on shots of the art and posting them online. I am ok with room shots and selfies where the art itself is not very usable to infringers due to angle, people in front of it, etc. If you want to just display the art alone, online, I can supply a watermarked image but be aware I may just not want it online that way. Copyright gives me the right to make reprints, etc, and I do not typically sell reprints of a highly personal commission like a pet portrait, however, if you’re concerned, we need to discuss it during the negotiation before I begin.

If the buyer chooses not to complete the sale, or cannot, I may choose to keep the down payment especially if I’ve invested much time or money in it and/or cannot sell it to someone else. I may exercise options including but not limited to: I keep it, paint over it, alter it, destroy it, or sell it to someone else.

Buyer pays shipping/handling if not local. I usually hand deliver local work or the buyer can pick it up at my studio.

Portrait of a buyer’s cockatoo, 2016.

A sweet, beloved, and sometimes naughty bird, set in a garden like scene, from the buyer’s photos.

Possum Commission, 11 x 14, Acrylic on panel, 2015

The Possum Commission was one of the strangest proposals of a concept that I’ve ever had, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it! The buyer asked me to do a mother possum nursing a litter of kittens. I drew heavily from my own memories of possums and kittens, and a house we used to live in where possums came out of the woods at night and into our yard.

Bird portrait for a multi bird family, 2014

The buyer of this large painting had bought from me before, and wanted me to paint his birds. He supplied lots of photos. I had a lot of fun putting them in a fantasy desert landscape. I had a lot of preliminary sketches of his birds which he also purchased separately.