Bloggers, new law re: 3rd party posts

I’m experimenting with the Comment Settings, so if you find Comments disabled, that’s why! I have enjoyed comments, and don’t want to turn them off entirely, but felt I needed to at least find the setting. [Edited Jan 2, 2017, to add that I went to my settings to turn them back on, at least for now, but they are still not appearing as an option.]

The reason is that a change in the law is not real clear yet if bloggers have to register a DMCA agent with the USCO like web hosts have to. It’s not a huge fee, that’s part of the law change to make the fee a lot less, but it’s annoying. I had my settings clamped down tight as it was, so the likelihood of a third party person including infringing content in a comment was slim to none. Just the same I thought I’d uncheck the Comment box for awhile til I find out for SURE that having Comments enabled isn’t going to create bureaucratic stuff for me.

WordPress’s host already has a DMCA agent and most bloggers blog on platforms hosted by some company, they do not self host. So this all seems kind of odd and not yet sorted out. I need to find a better article than the ones flying around Linked In copyright groups.

As an artist I’ve sent countless takedowns to site hosts when people have used my art without permission. I feel it’ll add confusion and make for disappointing results if people start sending takedowns to individual bloggers, because most won’t have any clue about this. I only knew because I follow copyright issues.

Here’s an article on it that I just read on Linked In.