Chicken Portrait, Herberger gallery at AZ Center


Work in progress; I had not yet finished some details here.

A few weeks ago, photographer Archie Tucker and his photographer wife Connie Tucker asked me to participate in a show at the Herberger Gallery at Arizona Center. The gallery is fairly new and has a variety of local artists and photographers. The invitation was to create a derivative work, a painting based on one of their photos. They wanted me to paint from one of their beautiful chicken portraits that I’d previously “Liked” on their Facebook page. I didn’t do an exact copy, but I wanted to stick pretty close to it, as I loved the dark background and the chicken’s various textures. I suspect that chicken was part silkie, because it had fur-like feathers but a red comb, (silkies usually have black combs). There are lots of delightful silkie crosses, and silkies are so near and dear to my heart.

Here is the finished painting, which is now hanging in the Herberger gallery, and will be there for about a month.


“Chicken Portrait,” Acrylic on deep edged panel, 20 x 16 in. Cindy Schnackel, from photo by Archie Tucker with permission, 2016.

I was asked about doing another for later in November and I would sure like to. A hummingbird this time most likely! Now I need to go buy a plant that hummers like, so I can sit outside and sketch them before I embark on a painting of one! Oh the horrors, to ‘have to’ go buy flowers! 😀

Herberger Gallery at Arizona Center

455 N. 3rd St. Ste 1200

(602) 254-7399

The gallery has more open hours than many of those on the first and third Friday art walk routes, but call first if you plan to go, to be sure what the hours that day are. To make sure you don’t go to the wrong gallery, go to the one in the AZ Center, which is a shopping/dining area. Confusion could arise because the Herberger Theater Center across the street from the AZ Center also has a gallery.

Herberger at AZ Center Facebook page

Archie (A.O. Tucker) and Connie’s site


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