Sculpture pics for Fatal Farm show

I got some better pictures of the four sculptures for Fatal Farm. The smallest is only about five and a half inches tall. The largest is about 16 in tall. These were really fun to make! Most of the armature is empty containers that would’ve ended up in recycling or trash. The rest is a combination of paper mache powder, air dry molding materials, and acrylic paint.


Giblet, mixed media sculpture about 5.5 in high on a 7 inch wide round base. $150



Just Wrong, mixed media sculpture, about 16 in high, 12 in deep, and 20 in long (base). $550



A small giblet or glob of meat of some sort rides Just Wrong.



What mystery meat product would be complete without half a rat? One of the many details gathered at the feet of the Just Wrong creature.



Mock Duck, mixed media sculpture, around a foot tall. The vintage meat pamphlet page on its base shows that you can make “mock duck” out of I guess ‘cheaper’ cuts of lamb. $300



No Tongue Today, (aka Veal), mixed media sculpture, around 9 in tall. $300

Fatal Farm is a two week show at {9} The Gallery in Phoenix, AZ, opening Fri, Sep 16, and will be up until Sep 28. The reception Friday is from 6 to 9 pm. The gallery often has other hours particularly Saturday afternoons. Good idea if you’re on Facebook to keep track of the event there.

Fatal Farm Event Page on Facebook



4 thoughts on “Sculpture pics for Fatal Farm show

  1. OMGOSH!!!! Wow!!!! CINDY!!!! Will have to come back here tomorrow to really look and read, can’t wait!!!! Your sculptures!!!!
    Just wanted to “Follow” you with my new WP site right away. Still setting things up. Will explain later. ::runs::

  2. Really couldn’t wait, came back today. Cindy, this is astonishing. The message!! It’s so clear and so powerful. The work compels me to look – and to THINK. Including the “recipes” is just plain brilliant. What a show it must be to see in person!!! Congratulations!!!!!
    ::applauds wildly::

    • Thank you so much Robin, I really appreciate it! I’ll post soon about the opening, it was very interesting, went very well I think! Oh, and not sure why all of a sudden WP is making me approve your comments. Once I’ve approved a person it’s supposed to be automatic the next time!

      • I’m glad it went so well – looking forward to hearing more! Maybe you’re having to approve bec this is a new account I’m using and I left 2 comments in the same day? Maybe this one will go through…hoping…LOL… 🙂

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