Olney Gallery preview


Mean Rooster, 24 x 30 in, acrylic palette knife painting


One of four more cartoony paintings over vintage sheet music, on panels, sizes range from about 8 x 11 to 18 x 12 in.


24 x 18 in., acrylic over vintage sheet music. On panel.


Signs of Life (in the Giant Bird Forest), Acrylic on panel, 60 x 30 in.


Swear Jar, acrylic on canvas, palette knife painting, 36 x 48 in.

A few of the pieces I’ll be showing in Sept at Olney Gallery in Phoenix. All of these shown are new, as are a number of the others. I’ll also be taking a few I did earlier, though not all of those had been shown. There will be a few small pieces down to about 5×7’s and 6×6’s, as well as the medium and large works. Olney is a very large gallery space, enough wall space that this 2 person show means it’s still the same amount of work as a solo show! I am taking around 35 pieces and it probably won’t all fit,but I wanted to be sure I had a good variety of sizes/prices for the gallery to choose from when placing things.



4 thoughts on “Olney Gallery preview

  1. love these!!! especially that swear jar!!!! SO COOL!!!

  2. They’re WONDERFUL!! Lovelovelove the way you use color. And each face is a personality unto itself. ::applause::
    Yes, that “Swear Jar” is terrific. LOL…I can hear it!!

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