Two shows in Sept!


This huge gallery means Carlos and I will both have a lot of work on the walls!

ABSTRACT TO ABSURD, (2-person show)

Click to see Olney Gallery info!

Carlos Rausch started painting later in life and has been a musician for decades. He does interesting abstracts that I have so far only seen a few images of but they look really cool. I met Carlos a few months ago when the gallery met with all this season’s artists.

I’ll have quite a bit of new work at Olney. One is a 60 x 30 inch painting of birds in a forest, one of the largest and most detailed pieces I’ve done. Most of my large works are palette knife paintings, but “Signs of Life (in the Giant Bird Forest)” is not; it’s quite detailed brush work. I will have some palette knife pieces, too and some smaller ones as well.


“Baby,” the piece that started it all, for this series, is the show ad poster chicken.


Later in Sept I’ll have a solo show at 9 The Gallery of all animal art, at least partially a look into what made me decide to give up animal products a few years ago. The feature piece of that show may end up being “Chicken Pajama Party,” (title not in stone yet, still thinking). Though it has little to do with veganism it does place chickens in a human scenario and hopefully it’ll make people rethink that chicken dinner.

Thank you to some very generous people for inspiration for Fatal Farm! Tamara Kenneally Photography for allowing me to refer to her beautiful photos of animals and for inspiring me to finally ‘go vegan’, and the people at the company, Fatal Farm, who are allowing me to use the phrase to title this show!


2 thoughts on “Two shows in Sept!

  1. Wooohooooo!!!! Cindy, I’m so thrilled for you! Two shows!! New work! ((((((happyhugs)))))))

    I have a feeling that a lot of the work will be scooped up fast!

    I’m guessing this is the same Carlos Rausch?
    He was born in 1924? Wow! How wonderful that’s painting and showing! He’s certainly had an amazing music career; he must be fascinating to talk to. I really like his painting in the poster.


    • Yes, that’s him! He does not appear to put his art online, at least not last I looked. Maybe with this show, he will (or has!). He’s a sharp and charming guy, I met him briefly when the gallery met with all the artists to explain everything about delivery, etc. BTW I’m delivering the work this week. Then I have a few pieces that need finishing details for the next show to concentrate on for a week or so. Once both shows are installed I will have a chance to get in there and clean and organize the studio, something that has been neglected all year because there was no room to turn around LOL! I hope that is is scooped up! I really, really hope it all doesn’t come back home with me at the end of Sept, not sure where I’d put it all! 😀

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