What to call it? [UPDATED! Solved!]


The link to Tamara’s site is: http://www.tamarakenneallyphotography.com/

[Update! The company, Fatal Farm, gave me permission to use the phrase for my show! So nice of them, thank you Fatal Farm! http://www.fatalfarm.com/  ]

My show about animals has no title! I found there are other entities using the term I was mulling, and though it probably wouldn’t create any confusion with those entities and it doesn’t appear to have been registered as anyone’s trademark (yet), I don’t want to use the phrase anymore. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments! Think pets and farm animals, vegan, factory farming, how we view animals, how they view us…these are themes in the show; now I just need a great title for it ASAP.

The painting below on the table is for it, one of the gentler ones, just fun. The one on the easel is for a different show that doesn’t need a title!


Two big paintings with a lot of detail, getting closer and closer to done!


Storm to the North.

Progress shot today, and pretty, dramatic sky. The light suddenly faded and I wondered if it was later than I thought. No, it was a small but intense rain storm headed our way. It got almost dark as night! Some parts of the valley did get over 2 inches of rain in a very short time. It’s still not where we are, not sure we’ll get as much out of it except darkness.

Just today, a friend on Facebook shared this article, about ‘copying,’ and it’s a good read. The infringement problem has just exploded in recent years and is bleeding some artists dry. http://elihalpin.com/blogs/eli-halpin-blog/do-not-copy-art-without-permission


2 thoughts on “What to call it? [UPDATED! Solved!]

  1. Wow…Cindy! These are truly remarkable! “Fatal Farm” is such a powerful title, too. Your work is very important. I’m so glad that you’re doing the show!!!
    Gosh, that sky is threatening.
    Eli Halpin’s blog post is terrific – thank you for sharing it!

    • Thanks so much, glad you’re liking the progress pics. It’s getting close to time both galleries will start announcing shows. I have a bunch of WIP pics I may still do a post about if I get time.

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