Feather Brush, and Art Knockoffs on Amazon

When I worked as a theater set painter and faux finish artist, we used feather dusters for special effects. I wanted to use our cockatiels’ naturally moulted (shed) feathers to make a similar brush. They get new feathers every year, going thru several small moults between spring and fall so they’re never bald, LOL! Not sure if they replace EVERY feather on their body annually, but when I vacuum it seems like it! I’ve saved some of their feathers for a couple of years now.  The small pile of fine yellow and gray crest feathers are the most rare of those I save since many accidentally get vacuumed up before they’re noticed. I have not done anything with the crest feathers yet, but I made two paint brushes out of some of the bigger, stiff ones their wings and tails, and a medium sized feather that is softer but still has spring to it.


Courtesy of our cockatiel companions, naturally moulted feathers saved up to make paint brushes.

Even though our birds lost these feathers naturally, it was still just a little creepy seeing them all laying on the table like that, like some horrific predatory aftermath…gah!

Experimented with them a little and think I need to make some looser, softer versions, as these are both quite stiff, but am sure I’ll find a use for them as soon as I get used to the type of marks they make. I have plenty of leftover feathers to experiment with.




Many artists I know thru online groups, etc, are sending dozens, even hundreds, of DMCA takedowns per week, to Amazon alone, for infringements of their work. Difficulty getting Amazon to respond to valid takedowns makes the chore even more time consuming.

The issue is so bad it has been getting some press lately, like these articles from CNBC and Plagiarism Today:

Amazon counterfeiters wreak havoc on artists and small businesses

Amazon Has a Serious Copyright Problem


2 thoughts on “Feather Brush, and Art Knockoffs on Amazon

  1. LOVE the feather brushes! Terrific idea, wonderful results! A long time ago there was an artist on RB who painted (watercolors) exclusively with feathers, one at a time.The effect was cool but didn’t have the same drama as what your brushes can do. Have you told the birds yet?

    ::sigh:: Amazon. Sooooooo bad. 😦 I bought something there once, only bec it wasn’t sold anymore at Home Depot. I’ll never use them again unless they shape up and treat people right.

    • Yeah, I won’t be signing up for an amazon acct either LOL! Even on sites like Etsy there are so many copycats I won’t buy unless I know, or at least know of, the artist personally.

      Thanks re the brushes! That sample has since been completely painted over and is now a collage, you’d never know there were feather brush marks under there. There is a little feather brushing in a large painting I’m doing for a Sept. show, mostly as vague background plants in low light, so not as contrasty as the sample above.

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