UPDATED, “Deep,” and “Sinister” will be at 9 The Gallery in June


“Sinsiter” Mixed media on paper, approx 11 x 9 in. Cindy Schnackel © 2011


Two of my works will be in the show, Gods and Monsters, at {9} The Gallery, in June 2016 along with multiple other artists’ work.

“Sinister” will be matted and framed with glass or acrylic, for the show. The artwork alone is about 11 x 9-ish inches. I did it a few years ago but it has just lain in a stack of drawings since! I’ve been slowly going through drawings and getting them framed so they can be shown. Some of the really small drawings I am doing collages with, especially the ones on reclaimed wood scraps that I’ve blogged about earlier.


“Deep,” Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 24 in. Cindy Schnackel, © 2016

[Update, edited to add that “Deep” sold!]

“Deep” is a new acrylic painting this spring, 12 x 24 inches, on deep edged canvas, so no frame needed, (but you could frame it if you wanted to).

Should be a fun show! Hope to see you there if you’re in the area.

Opens Friday, June 3rd, at 6 p.m.

{9} The Gallery is located at 1229 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ. Website: http://9thegallery.com/

Wood Scrap Miniatures; Happy Daisy Invasion


Odd shapes of wood scraps, doodles from my sketchbooks, and a few words ripped from newspapers, (or my own handwriting if legible!), combined into collages with various effects for backgrounds. All sealed with acrylic and often also a wax finish. Meant to hang, though cube shaped ones can also sit on a shelf. Most are only a few inches wide/high. There are a couple I did earlier this year still for sale at {9} The Gallery in Phoenix, for $45 each. These will be about the same price, maybe a little higher, and will be in one or more fall shows.

The making of miniatures is a continual process, and great fun to sit and match doodles with words on days when I simply can’t work outside due to weather.

We may hit 100 degrees this week! That’s cutting in on the outdoor painting time, and it’s often windy, so no tiny collage pieces outside right now! Mostly, I use the patio table shown above for drying things, once it stays over 90. Gets the potentially harmful VOC’s out of the house when it’s all closed up and the AC is running, and things dry rapidly outside in the warm, dry air. Would be great to work outside almost all the time. There is just something really good for the soul, to be outdoors and see birds, lizards, plants, the sky, etc.


Daisy Invasion of our yard, © Cindy Schnackel 2016

African Daisies are a common flower to see here. These have all gone to seed now and been cleared away, but this is what our front yard looked like earlier this spring! We didn’t know when we moved here a couple years ago that our yard was a “daisy yard.” They just popped up. They grow on natural rainfall. If you don’t get much rain, you get fewer daisies. Where people don’t spray herbicide or pull them, they thrive once they get a toe hold. Each flower produces a seed head with at least 30 seeds, (I tried to count them but lost count when the wind kept blowing them away LOL).