Today in the Studio


An unfinished sculpture for a fall show watches over the work table. Today I’m cutting out old drawings from my sketchbooks, and words from newspaper and magazine headlines as captions, to collage onto lumberyard scraps. These small pieces will also be available at fall shows. A completed one sits among them.

I keep a large drawer of collage materials, and go through phases of what look they have. Making several at a time they tend to be in series of similar themes. I like to use acrylic gel as an adhesive. The wood blocks are sealed with Golden Paint Co’s GAC 100, an acrylic made for the purpose of sealing wood and other materials, before I add anything. (GAC 100 is also a great all-purpose acrylic medium.) Sometimes the wood grain and knots, etc, will show, other times they’re painted over and then roughed up a bit so wood peeks thru here and there. I like crackle effects so those are frequently part of the overall finish. Once all the artwork is dry, I seal them again. These are a good use of scraps, both wood and sketchbook kinds, that might otherwise end up in the trash!


Only two left, numbers 4 and 8! $45 each at {9} The Gallery on Grand in Phoenix!

There are still two similar miniature pieces available at {9} The Gallery, 1229 Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ, out of the 9 cube shaped pieces I had there. I’ll be showing at 9 again this year, details to come when they are known!


6 thoughts on “Today in the Studio

  1. That looks like soo much fun!!!! You are just so clever!!!!! And love your little unfinished guy off to the side, too!!!

  2. It all looks great! And the sculpture looks wonderful, are you going to post a pics when it is finished?

  3. Cindy! Your posts are wonderful! I learn somehting new every time I read one. Thank you for talking about the GAC100. I have some but have been nervous about trying it, wasn’t sure if it was going to do what I hoped it would and, from what you say, it should. Yay!!
    LOVE that sculpture! It’s so special. And your miniatures are perfect, such a great idea! Lots of lucky people will buy them. 🙂

    • Thank you! Golden makes several GAC formulas. 100 seems to be the all-purpose one and the only one I’ve used, so far, but I want to experiment w/some of the others eventually. It’s pretty similar to a fluid gloss medium but I think it’s a bit tougher than mediums when dry.

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