Building Armatures & Testing Paints


Doesn’t look like much now!

A large cardboard cone, the start for an entry into the Mutant Pinata show that occurs in March, and will be at Chartreuse Gallery. Beatrice Moore, who has done so much for the arts especially on Grand Avenue, has organized this show for years. It’s pure fun! My husband started an armature too, and if he blogs about it I’ll link to it.


Four legs, so far.

I have a plan for this animal, but you’ll have to wait and see what it’s going to be! I jammed the cardboard tubes through holes and gooped them up with gel medium. By morning they were dry and quite sturdy. There will be a lot of layering of cloth strips soaked in liquid acrylic medium, plus other parts. Maybe some paper mache. You never know.


This scoop makes a good bird head.

I forget what product these come in, but it’s the 2nd or 3rd I have. One is already the ‘skull’ for a finished sculpture, and this one soon will be. I like reusing things that’d otherwise go in the trash or recycling, to build armatures for 3D pieces. Art should last many years, even centuries if cared for. If anyone xrayed my sculptures they would find lots of empty containers and other bits and bobs that attracted my eye.


Paint Test

Tested some liquid acrylic paints. Other than where the dark colored masking tape that covered parts of it tore up the paper, the paints held up well to a couple of days out in the sunlight. All of the colors I tested had good lightfastness ratings to begin with.  No need to make your paint tests completely boring when you can make monsters!


4 thoughts on “Building Armatures & Testing Paints

  1. Even your paint tests are darling!!!!!!!!!

  2. SO COOL!!!! Oh, my gosh! Cindy!!!!! Love this idea, how you’re bringing it to life — the entire vibe! “Mutant Pinata” sounds like it’s going to be terrific. I can’t wait to see your creature. The paint test is wonderful!
    OK to say this again? SOOOO COOOOOOL!!!!!

    • Thank you! We–that is, my husband and I–worked on our entries for the Mutant Pinata show again today. His will be dry soon so he can start incorporating 3D printed, laser cut, and electronic components! He joined a “Maker Space,” which has tons of tools and helpful people and space. He’s also taking woodworking classes. Very cool place, he’s getting a lot of things done that just weren’t going anywhere before due to lack of space and tools. I worked on my cone creatures some more, will post more progress pics in about a week. Trying to use up things that have been sitting around awhile like fabric, etc. Found a treasure trove of colored chiffon. 🙂

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