Sorry if you had seen my announcement anywhere that my domain name now defaults to my blog here, and found it didn’t work! I gave the wrong URL. Nearly 20 years ago, when I first got online, my hubby got me a domain name, and it has gotten little use all this time. It was easier to keep up a site that was already there, like a blog, social media account, and and a print on demand site. Recently though, I asked my hubby to see if he could make it default to my blog, and he did, and it worked fine. But, because my email address contains “artbycindy” in it, I and he were confused, and I gave the URL as artbycindy dot com, when it is actually bycindy. If I had set them both up at the same time I might have matching ones, but that didn’t happen! Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Correction

  1. Yay!!!! It works! 🙂

    • That’s a relief! There WERE times, yrs ago, when we had to keep fixing something to make it work, and that’s why I just stopped using it. Hopefully it will continue to work now!

      • Yay!!! I hope so, too. By the way, I changed my site — deleted the old one quickly, early this morning, bec of another blogger and his sudden and, to me, inexplicable anger towards me. I really felt threatened so immediate deleting seemed the best choice. I hope you’ll follow me on the new site here. LOL…I’m all by myself in the middle of nowhere! Robin 🙂

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