Building Armatures & Testing Paints


Doesn’t look like much now!

A large cardboard cone, the start for an entry into the Mutant Pinata show that occurs in March, and will be at Chartreuse Gallery. Beatrice Moore, who has done so much for the arts especially on Grand Avenue, has organized this show for years. It’s pure fun! My husband started an armature too, and if he blogs about it I’ll link to it.


Four legs, so far.

I have a plan for this animal, but you’ll have to wait and see what it’s going to be! I jammed the cardboard tubes through holes and gooped them up with gel medium. By morning they were dry and quite sturdy. There will be a lot of layering of cloth strips soaked in liquid acrylic medium, plus other parts. Maybe some paper mache. You never know.


This scoop makes a good bird head.

I forget what product these come in, but it’s the 2nd or 3rd I have. One is already the ‘skull’ for a finished sculpture, and this one soon will be. I like reusing things that’d otherwise go in the trash or recycling, to build armatures for 3D pieces. Art should last many years, even centuries if cared for. If anyone xrayed my sculptures they would find lots of empty containers and other bits and bobs that attracted my eye.


Paint Test

Tested some liquid acrylic paints. Other than where the dark colored masking tape that covered parts of it tore up the paper, the paints held up well to a couple of days out in the sunlight. All of the colors I tested had good lightfastness ratings to begin with.  No need to make your paint tests completely boring when you can make monsters!



Sorry if you had seen my announcement anywhere that my domain name now defaults to my blog here, and found it didn’t work! I gave the wrong URL. Nearly 20 years ago, when I first got online, my hubby got me a domain name, and it has gotten little use all this time. It was easier to keep up a site that was already there, like a blog, social media account, and and a print on demand site. Recently though, I asked my hubby to see if he could make it default to my blog, and he did, and it worked fine. But, because my email address contains “artbycindy” in it, I and he were confused, and I gave the URL as artbycindy dot com, when it is actually bycindy. If I had set them both up at the same time I might have matching ones, but that didn’t happen! Thanks!

Cats & Guitars show thru Jan. 2016


Last night, my husband and I took a whirlwind tour of several show openings on Roosevelt Row, including Monorchid, Bokeh Gallery, Lotus, 515 and others. Stopped by Firehouse Gallery just N. of Roosevelt, where I have a sculpture in the Toy Art show that opened in Dec and closes Jan 9.

Then, we moved on to Grand Ave where we saw work in Trunk Space, which was one I’d never been in before, and {9} where I still have 2 tiny paintings back in the gift shop, before heading to Chartreuse Gallery for Cats & Guitars. I discovered a new artist to follow, Barron Dixon, whose piece, “Light on the Anchovies,” is one of those pieces you can never absorb in one viewing. Lots of detail, excellent execution, and so fun. I also loved the expression and mood of Marisa Hall Valdez’s “Carlos Catana.” There were many pieces I liked! I do like cats, but am allergic, and have birds, so….I admire cats more from afar these days. Cat art is the perfect remedy for that.

Chartreuse has more hours for this show than just first and third Friday art walk nights, so I hope more people will be able to see it. The artists’ reception is Friday Jan 15 starting at 6 pm, and I’ll be there the majority of the evening.