Let’s try this Facebook public page thing again…

Facebook resurrection

At least several months ago, it seemed the time it took to keep a public Facebook page was no longer worth it, since FB throttled your posts unless you paid. (And, acquaintances who tried paying said they didn’t feel it was worth it.) When I clicked delete, the page did not go away though; it said it’d disappear in 14 days. Weeks and months went by, and it was still up, still occasionally getting views and likes, even though I’d removed most content and left a post saying I closed it down. So, I figured, if it’s getting notice without me doing anything, maybe I’ll reactivate it, but just not use it a whole lot.

So, about a week ago, that’s what I did, and here it is: https://www.facebook.com/CindySchnackel/

Cats & Guitars show

Today, I delivered my painted guitar, titled “Fragonard’s Cat,” to the Haus Panther studio, which is in the same Bragg’s Pie Factory building with the Chartreuse Gallery, where the show will open in January 2016. I saw some really cool artwork that people had dropped off and am really looking forward to this fun show!  More info: http://www.catsandguitars.com/

Tiny Works, last possible chance

I sold several of the 9 mini paintings I took to {9} The Gallery’s Tiny Works show in December. If you still want to see the show, be aware it comes down really soon, as they have a new show opening Third Friday, Dec 18! When I dropped off the guitar today, I walked by 9 and it was closed, as was to be expected at that time, but the small pieces were still up. I expect the pick up day will be any time now. If you want to check and try to still see the show here is the gallery’s info:


{9} The Gallery
1229 Grand Ave, Phoenix, Arizona

8 thoughts on “Let’s try this Facebook public page thing again…

  1. Hi, Cindy!! Happy New Year!! (((((happyhugs)))))
    Facebook accounts never go away. Ever. They say they will but they don’t. I’ve been trying to kill one since 2007. I just looked at yours — it’s terrific! If I actually used FB I’d “Like” it and follow it but I don’t. The account that I keep active is only for accessing the copyright group and the cat rescue people who made Pickles and Mila available for adoption. Otherwise I’m not there.
    That painted guitar is SO COOL! Just went to the site, clicked. Nothing happened. Is it active yet? Maybe it doesn’t like Safari? 😉

    • Happy New Year to you, too! I envy you being able to blow off FB, LOL! I did years ago when it was just for personal use, but when I went back the ‘deleted’ acct was still there waiting for me to log back in as if nothing happened. Much the same for the public page, even more so…it never even gave the appearance of being gone, other than my posts saying I was shutting it down. Oh well, since most of the Phoenix art world is on FB I shall stay. I have to admit none of the other social media platforms work as well for that purpose, at least not for art.

      Glad you like the guitar, thanks!

      All the links are still working for me, which one wasn’t working for you? Safari is what I use on my phone and I’d say it has it’s weaknesses, but that could be because I’m using it on a phone, I dunno. I like Chrome and Firefox. Or is it Foxfire LOL?!

  2. As of today I have 14 “deactivated” — they say — FB accounts and one that’s “active.” FB used to differentiate between deleted and deactivated, but neither made them go away for good. I haven’t tried lately so I don’t know how they do it now. But I’m sure that if I logged in on any of them they’d come back to life right away like I never left. That’s the trigger, the logging-in thing. Otherwise they’re sort of not there (at least visibly).

    Oh! that link! I’m sorry — I should’ve said what it was. Now I don’t see it in the post or anywhere. Wasn’t there an “artbycindy.com” link someplace here? Or was it on your FB page? I clicked on that one and Safari won’t go to it, won’t not go to it, etc. It just keeps trying. So does Chrome. I thought I read a line somewhere rel to the FB page that you’d considered setting up your own site and that was it? LOL…Did I imagine seeing it?

    • You’re right, the artbycindy dot com link, which worked perfectly just days ago, doesn’t work now. I will tell my husband, he’s the one who takes care of these things. All I can say is that in over 15 yrs of owning a domain name for my art, it has worked for a few days and the rest of the time it hasn’t. Always some sort of problem, which is why I ended up setting up other sites where we don’t have to mess with that sort of thing. Back to the drawing board?

  3. ::whew:: What a relief! I was beginning to wonder where I’d seen, if I’d seen! 🙂

    But I’m sorry it’s not functioning and that it’s been such trouble for so long. Having to maintain a site (and all that requires) is a real pain, I think, esp in the area of security. I’ve tried simply owning my own domain name(s) via WordPress twice now and even that was too much fuss. Wasted the money.

    I wonder why your site is so shy about opening?

    • Well it turns out I was told the wrong URL, so I deleted mention of it, and still working on tracking down where else I may have listed it. The CORRECT URL is http://www.bycindy.com not artbycindy. Confused me because artbycindy is in my art email address, but not in the website URL. We bought the domain name a long time ago, before I set up a separate email for art. I suppose a matching email address was taken, or something, when I got around to it. Oh well, thanks so much for bringing it to my attention, Robin! If you hadn’t, who knows how long it would’ve been before I knew! 😀

    • BTW, the correct URL just defaults to this blog, for now. I am so not willing to take on managing any more sites right now! But one day, maybe I will.

  4. Oooo…………..that totally explains it! I’ll click after I type this!

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