November, December, and January shows


Fragonard’s Cat, Acrylic on recycled guitar

LAST MINUTE REMINDER: Unless you’re reading this before the afternoon of Sunday Nov 29th, (or you already went), you will have missed it, but that’s the day the AZ 45 show closes at the Tieken Gallery in Paradise Valley, (see previous posts). If you ARE reading this in time, the closing reception is 2-5 pm!

DECEMBER 2015: TINY WORKS, Dec 4 (First Friday art walk night) 6-9 pm. Buyers can take their purchases with them right away. Unsold works will remain in the gallery thru part of Dec. 70+ artists. I will be taking several miniature pieces about 4×4 in with a deep edge, so they can sit or hang, all very affordable collages of my drawings, and/or small paintings on wood blocks. 1229 Grand Ave.

UPDATE, just found out I’m also in the show titled ICELANDIA, at the Lotus Gallery, 511 E. Roosevelt, Phoenix, the same night that TINY WORKS opens. The title of my painting is “Nuclear Winter.” It’s 9 x 12 in. on canvas panel, and in a fairly wide faced gold wood frame. The canvas panel is a Centurion linen panel, which is a really nice quality.


Nuclear Winter, available at Icelandia show in Dec 2015, 9 x 12, acrylic

JANUARY 2016: Jan 1st and 15th, (First Friday and Third Friday art walk nights), 6-9 pm. Fragonard’s Cat will be shown at Chartreuse, the gallery space in the old Bragg’s Pie Factory building, 1301 NW Grand, Phoenix AZ, in January 2016. The theme of the show is Cats and Guitars, so when I saw this guitar in a thrift store, I grabbed it. I am not sure what gave me the idea to do a take off on Fragonard’s “The Swing,” but the old master’s painting somehow came to mind. I changed a few things to be more of a cat point of view.



3 thoughts on “November, December, and January shows

  1. LOVELOVELOVE Fragonard’s Cat!~!! And your idea to have some smaller items that more people can likely afford is super. 🙂

  2. ::runs back:: Re “Fragonard’s Cat” — the little creatures at the bottom are sooooo cool!

    • Thank you for your double visit and comments! 🙂 Glad you like it! I added another image just now, as I just found out the blue jay painting got in a show that opens this Friday, too. Going to be a busy month!

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