Two headed blue jay



Nuclear Winter, Cindy Schnackel, acrylic, 9×12 in.

I believe I’m done with this painting now, and will try to get a sharper shot eventually. The title is Nuclear Winter, it’s acrylic on a linen canvas panel, 9 x 12 inches. I won’t count my chickens before they hatch, but I ‘plan’ on showing this in a local gallery in December, and will give details when/if that materializes. I’ve lived in wintry states both as a kid and briefly again as an adult, and love the way landscapes look in winter, with snow, and the beautiful light towards the end of the day, (which comes about 3 o’ clock up North LOL!).

Next week I’ll postΒ at least one more new painting, that’s at a gallery in Paradise Valley right now. Shortly to follow that will be the other items I’ve been working on for upcoming shows thru the winter.



6 thoughts on “Two headed blue jay

  1. Oh, Cindy! It’s beautiful and eerie and slightly shocking and adorable, too. Gorgeous environment it’s (they’re?) in – love the little snowflakes and that lovely light. When I first clicked on it here I thought “Awwwww!!!! So sweet!” And then right away realized it was one bird. WOW!! Startling and powerful! Someone is going to fall in love with this one and want to take it home right away.

    LOL re the light at the end of the day: It was cloudy here today so by 4:30pm I could barely see to walk up the driveway for the mail. Dark, dark, dark!

    Congratulations about the gallery showings!

  2. Love it, Cindy!!!!

  3. Your Blue Jays are beautiful! !! Thank You Cindy for visiting and liking my paintings!! πŸ™‚ *Cynthia

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