Working Outdoors Again


Working on a sculpture for a series I hope to show as a group in 2016

Sometimes October feels like summer will never end here in the Valley of the Sun! But then it ends, and everyone rejoices. We’ve had temps reliably under 90 now, which means I can work outside on the patio on things that are too messy or that make too many fumes, to do indoors. I did a large palette knife painting for a show in November at the Tieken Gallery in Paradise Valley, AZ. Will post a pic of that when the gallery starts announcing the show publicly. I can tell you the public reception is Nov 29 or by appt. The address is on my Current Shows page.

Above photo: I made progress on a sculpture for my series about my decision to become vegan, a sort of anti factory farming theme, but still with a lot of my humor. You will just have to wait til it’s done to see what it’s like! I won’t be uploading many images from the series until I’m ready to show it, and right now I don’t even know where I’ll be showing it. But I WILL be, somewhere.  In the above sculpture I’m working with a slurry of tinted paper mache, over an armature I built from whatever was at hand; cardboard tubes and containers, wires, and strips of old washcloths soaked in acrylic medium, and some sticks, paper, etc. I’ve since gotten further along on it and am liking the way it’s coming out.

I was/am also working on a number of 4 x 4 inch-ish pieces for a pre-holiday show at {9} The Gallery. They will be affordably priced for gift giving! Also, I am entering a few theme shows with no fees this fall, and had some work in progress for that. One included sanding and priming the back of an old guitar, to paint on, (don’t worry it wasn’t a valuable guitar!).

Last weekend was most pleasant. Not only could I work outside on several art projects at once, but my husband was also out there building some sort of cart to roll around that holds extension cords and air hoses. It was good to see him using the tools he has acquired, and having fun. He was happy with what he accomplished and I’m anxious to see what else he makes. We topped off the weekend by going to see “Bridge of Spies” at one of those dinner movie theaters, a great movie and really comfortable way to see it.


4 thoughts on “Working Outdoors Again

  1. I hope we get to see what your new artwork looks like when he’s done … he looks adorable so far!!!!

    • Thanks! He’s a combination of cute and creepy, Lois! He might be done, but since the series won’t be all done for awhile, I’m not sure. I probably need to at least work on the base a little more. Like the edge treatments of paintings on cradled panels, I don’t know yet what they’ll get.

  2. OOOOO!!! Slurry!! That’s so cool, Cindy!
    Under 90 now? Now? Wow. I’ve been whining bec it’s going above 70 today. CAN’T WAIT to see that palette knife piece! Congrats for the show! And your smaller things should sell like crazy. That’s a great idea. Hooray for your being outside again and not frying!
    This sounds amazing: “One included sanding and priming the back of an old guitar, to paint on…”

    • Thanks, Robin! Yes, the ‘slurry’ was great fun to work with! The guitar is in progress, has some general background and composition worked out. There are soooo many group shows this fall, I don’t know if I’ll manage to do something for all of them in time, but I’m sure trying! Got to keep things going while I work on the series!

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