“Are they mine?”

Possum Commission for Christy Puetz Painting by Cindy Schnackel © 2015 All rights reserved Acrylic on panel 11 x 14 inches

“Are They Mine?” Cindy Schnackel, Acrylic, 11 x 14 in.

Finished a commission this month and didn’t want to post a pic of it until the buyer had seen it first. She picked it up today, and I’m happy to say she really liked it! The piece is acrylic on panel, 11 x 14 inches.

Most of this late summer/early fall I’ve been running to one doctor or test after another! I lost part of my hearing and no reason can be found. I’ve had numerous tests, including an MRI, and while getting the IV for that, I passed out, which resulted in a trip to the ER, then a neurologist, and what I hope will be the last unpleasant test this coming week, where I think they’re going to try to make me have a seizure. Yay. I’m hoping that the conclusion is that I just passed out from the IV grossness. It’d be nice if my hearing came back, too.

Despite all that I’ve managed to do a commission, a small charity project for the Mesa Arts Center, a new painting for a November show, draw quite a bit, and work on my continuing vegan inspired series. What I haven’t done is upload much of any of it to the net. Some is being intentionally held back until closer to when it is shown.


I’ve also been asked to be in a pre-Christmas show of all miniature/small works, and will be showing some existing pieces plus hopefully a number of new tiny pieces, that will make great holiday gifts at reasonable prices. Who wouldn’t want original artwork for a present?!

I’ll post details of all the shows, and images, when they’re announced by their respective galleries.

There have been a number of good shows this summer and fall, and looks like more to come. The following sites review a number of shows every month and/or discuss art walk events and info:






6 thoughts on ““Are they mine?”

  1. ((((((((hugs)))))))) Cindy, that “Like” is for all the good news and that wonderful painting, not your health whatever-it-is. I hope it’s nothing bad, just a small thing that will either go away or can be fixed with no fuss. And – ugh…IV’s, along with the stress of health issues, could make anyone pass out.

    LOVE the “kittens!” You are amazing.

    And wooohooooo!!!!Congratulations for the show!!

  2. Hope you get back to feeling good and your hearing returns. Love the new piece. You are so dang creative.

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