Recent Sketches; What’s New (July 2015)

Stonepaper Mammal Sketch, © 2015 Cindy Schnackel drawing area approx 5 x 7 in.

Stonepaper Mammal Sketch, approx 5 x 7 in.

Above is one of my countless ‘mammal’ sketches, that began a few months ago with an Inktense water soluble colored pencil. I added ball point pen and other inks and some colored pencil to finish it off. The sketch is on a lined notebook of ‘stonepaper,’ which is made from minerals not wood pulp. It’s similar to Yupon synthetic paper in that it’s less absorbent. Interesting paper especially if you like to use washes. Pens etc, flow on it really nice. I’ve got a couple sheets of it with ink drawings hanging outside in the sun now, to see how it holds up to that.

Copyright, 2015 Cindy Schnackel Fish sketch approx 5 x 7 in.

Fish sketch, ink on paper, approx. 5×7 in.

This is on regular cream colored drawing paper, mostly ink, a little colored pencil. I was testing some of the same pens with water, to see how they behaved differently on different papers.


Looks like I might be showing over on Grand Ave again, soon! It’s all rather unsolidified yet, so I will post details when I know more. If it happens as I think it will, I’ll be offering a lot of small affordable pieces.

The series I got the idea for several months ago is starting to gain momentum. It took me awhile to figure out the right direction, gather some materials, and get rolling, but I’ve got 3 pieces done now, and a 4th underway that is sculptural.

This week I hope to finish a commission I just started really working on, once past the preliminary sketch stage.

So, I had things in various states of completion and dryness sitting all over today, many outside where the 100+ temps dry things really fast.


4 thoughts on “Recent Sketches; What’s New (July 2015)

  1. LOVE your mammals. Always! And that fish is such a joy – wonderful expression, lots of energy. How do you like the Inktense pencils? They really do make some gorgeous colors but I’m still completely confounded by watercolors so I haven’t used them lately. NEAT about the stone paper! Can’t wait to hear about how it does in the heat/sunshine.
    A show! Wow! Congratulations! And a sculptural piece? Intriguing…!!!!!!!
    100+? ::faints::

    • Thanks, Robin!

      The stone paper was outside in the sun for two days and didn’t seem to deteriorate. However, the inks on them varied in lightfastness. I was surprised the red was more stable than blue ink. (Pilot G2 writing pens which I love to doodle with.)

      Inktense and other colored pencils held up well even in 2 days of sun!

      You might like Inktense, and they aren’t terribly expensive. I like the deep colors best, as the pastels contain white which just doesn’t do much for me on (usually white) paper. But, I’m sure some artists love the light ones too.

      You might also like one of those pens you just fill with water and it has a brush tip. (Pentel or Niji…you might find them in art supply catalogs if your stores don’t have them.) Or, just use a wet brush, but the brush pen seems to use less water, which makes for less paper buckling, and is easy to use even as a traveling sketch kit. I sit and draw while watching TV on the couch a lot. A brush and container of water would be too messy in that case, but the water pens are great.

      For sketching with inktense you can leave some areas ‘dry’ and wet others to get wash effects. Areas that were thoroughly wetted usually dry impervious to further wetting, but on stonepaper which is less absorbant you might notice color will still lift a little again. Even some non water soluble things are a bit water soluble on stonepaper because you can push the pigments etc around a little on it. Especially ink pens.

      Even if you just get one dark color of Inktense, and a water pen and some decently heavy paper you might have a blast. I find Strathmore 400 drawing paper pads are pretty good for that, or anything comparable. Stonepaper if you can find it. My notebook was from a grocery store, but ‘art’ stonepaper sheets and pads seem available from Cheap Joes art supply, which isn’t local, so I’ve not ordered any from them. I keep saying Im gonna, but then I don’t. Just not a shopper.

  2. Very creative and so unique, You are one of my favorite artists of all time. I just love your ideas and your style – Cheers Cindy :0)))

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