Summer so far, and a new site


Backyard fauna that seems to thrive in the heat.

We had an unusually pleasant early summer that quickly turned to record breaking heat in mid June! Despite the heat, there was an enormous turnout for a show I was in this month, She Deck, in Beatrice Moore’s Frontal Lobe space. The show was put on by {9} The Gallery, owned by Laura Dragon, who had THREE shows opening that night on Grand Avenue in Phoenix. My piece, “Off Road,” sold opening night! 🙂

I recently joined Women Artists of the World’s website. I had been scrapping some sites I wasn’t getting enough out of, and stopped selling on Redbubble this year, (though I still keep an acct there). It was time to look for some new ground.


2 thoughts on “Summer so far, and a new site

  1. Wooooohooooo!!!!! Congratulations for the show and the sale!!! ::tosses confetti::
    But ewwww, about that heat. Your backyard creature seems to like it, though!
    That’s a really nice page – how do you like the site so far?

    • Thanks! The women artists thing is too new for me to say much yet. I only uploaded one small watermarked art image and don’t intend to upload more just yet, still trying it out and seeing where it goes. It’s not to replace my other sites, just ‘in addition to.’ We shall see!

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