Revamped my Redbubble page

Due to changes on the Redbubble site I decided to just stop selling products on a POD, at least for now. I removed or put on private view, a lot of images, and removed all options to buy anything on a product or reprint. The page is now just a sample portfolio with links to pertinent sites or info.

My revamped Redbubble page:



5 thoughts on “Revamped my Redbubble page

  1. Is there something that changed about Redbubble that you don’t like now? I don’t know what POD means. I’m curious because I’ve heard it’s a good site, better than Cafe Press, etc. I love your work, BTW!

    • Thanks! POD is Print On Demand. Of the PODs I’ve tried or looked into, I liked RB best. I’ve been there 5 yrs now. However, changes to sites that make more work for me tend to make me evaluate whether I need to be there so much. In this case, I just felt I didn’t want to be spending so much time editing things and trying to accommodate changes with work-arounds, explanations I could only hope buyers would even see, etc. They’ve gone thru changes before, and will again. All sites do. Perhaps I’ll offer products again in the future. Right now it’s kind of a relief to know how many hours a week I won’t be sitting at the computer anymore!

  2. ::sigh:: Totally understood. It’s a good plan you have; I may end up doing the same thing.
    I’m SOOO Glad you’re here on WP!!!!!

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