Ceramics and Skateboards


Green Pants, ceramic monster, about 2″ tall, pictured in ceramic bowl, by Cindy Schnackel

We missed a couple of ceramic classes and most of the open studios in April, but we’ve managed to make a few things.  Here are some of my small creatures. Above is one I’ve named Green Pants. His hindquarters are Hunter Green, which came out a very bright green and blue, very pleasing. I like the way he looks in a bowl.

Believe it or not, the speckly glaze on the larger creature below is Cranberry, which is supposed to be red! I had glazed another creature with Cranberry and Snow White a couple weeks ago and it came out really red. There was speckling I really liked where the glazes overlapped, so I tried to duplicate that on the bowls and the larger creature below, (Fleabitten and Green Pants photo). By the time we went back to see them after firing, I’d forgotten what glazes they were. I loved the speckled glaze but wondered what glazes that was. What a surprise when I looked on my notes to see it was Cranberry! Nonetheless I’m thrilled with how it came out, and feel it is better the way it is, than if it had been red. (Fleabitten is a name used to describe the coat of a gray horse where the gray and white are kind of speckly not solid.)


Two Ceramic Creatures, Fleabitten, and Green Pants, Cindy Schnackel



Small bowl with lovely though unexpected “fleabitten” effect. Cindy Schnackel, wheel thrown.

Above, is a little larger and better wheel thrown bowl than the one Green Pants like to sit in. Had we gotten back to class in time to trim feet on our bowls, this would’ve been among my most successful as far as symmetry and not being a heavy clunker. But even with a flat bottom, instead of carved out foot, it’s a very usable bowl and I liked the surprising way the glaze turned out, (Cranberry and Snow White). You just never know!

Below is Red, a spiky, legless creature with kind of flowy side fins.  He’s shown with little Lumpy, who also has a side view so you can see she has udders. I believe Lumpy is at least partly Hunter Green glazed.


Red and Lumpy, Cindy Schnackel, ceramic

I may be showing a painted skateboard this summer. A skate shop gave me a free used one that was too beat up for anything else. About all I can tell you is it’s almost certainly going to have a bird on it. I’ve started it, and it will likely go thru a few changes yet, before I’m done.  The show will be in downtown Phoenix at a pop up gallery, sponsored by {9} The Gallery. The show is called She Deck. I’ll share details closer to the event.



Revamped my Redbubble page

Due to changes on the Redbubble site I decided to just stop selling products on a POD, at least for now. I removed or put on private view, a lot of images, and removed all options to buy anything on a product or reprint. The page is now just a sample portfolio with links to pertinent sites or info.

My revamped Redbubble page: http://www.redbubble.com/people/cschnack