Drawing on “stone paper”


Stone paper notebook purchased at Whole Foods

One of the last places I expected to find an “art supply,” let alone a type of paper I’ve been wanting to try, was Whole Foods! They had two sizes, this was the larger one, about 5 x 7 inches. The paper is thin, and lined. Despite the thinness of the paper it didn’t buckle even when wet, and didn’t bleed thru. It did ’emboss’ if I pressed hard on wetted areas. The paper feels super smooth, but surprisingly has pretty good tooth for pencil. I’ve never used Yupon paper, a synthetic, but I’ve read that watery media kind of floats around on Yupon, and it kind of did on this, too. It’s not absorbent like regular paper. Just how dissolvable things were once dry varied. I used regular colored pencils, water soluble colored pencils, graphite, and several kinds of ink pens such as ballpoint, felt tip, and alcohol based markers. My source of water was a Pentel water pen, which has a nice brush tip and only holds water. Washes dried slower on this paper, and there were some surprising things about just which inks redissolved when wet.


Various doodles on 6 x 7 ish stone paper, April 2015, Cindy Schnackel

Even some inks that aren’t very soluble did allow me to push the pigment around a bit with the waterbrush on this paper. For as smooth as it is, it allowed some layering with colored pencils. For pen and paper nuts and hand writing nuts, I think you’d like this, as the pens and pencils just glide across it. Very smooth going.

Next time, I’m going to experiment with more layering of materials, and with gluing, to see what it’s like for collage.

This is the only source I know of so far in the US for stone paper as an art paper, Cheap Joe’s has it, it’s called TerraSkin. Curious to try it and compare. http://www.cheapjoes.com/mitz-terraskin-multimedia-art-paper.html




2 thoughts on “Drawing on “stone paper”

  1. Wow, Cindy! That’s some great paper. I’ll keep my eyes open for it. I’ve never been in a Whole Foods, will look for one. Did try Yupo paper a year ago. It’s a hoot. I could remover nearly everything I put on it, even after it dried! VERY accommodating. And by the way, your “various doodles” are fabulous. I hope to be that good at drawing someday!!

    • Thanks, Robin! It sounds like the two papers might have some similarities. I didn’t find it easy to remove things on the stone paper, but they did stay wet longer.

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