Getting back into the studio


The Oxpecker, Acrylic on panel, 6 x 6 inches, Cindy Schnackel

Yesterday, I finished two small paintings on Ampersand masonite panels. One, “Chicken and Egg,” and “The Oxpecker,” both of which I added to my inventory list here, and my redbubble page. They’re available as products on redbubble, and as originals from me. Unframed so far.

These are the first paintings I’ve done since the loss of Sassy and Jade. I had not painted since the last thing I finished for my March show.

Also yesterday, after we both got a good adjustment from the chiropractor for our various back problems, we went to ceramics class for the first time in nearly a month. Made two creatures. Another creature I’d made a few weeks ago had miraculously made it thru bisque firing, so I did a double dip glaze on it, and will be curious to see how it comes out by next week. I was surprised it came thru bisque because that last night we went to class, my back was out, and Sassy was still alive and needing a great deal of attention and care. My mind was definitely not in ceramics that night as I just jammed on the body parts to the creature and hoped for the best. I fully had expected it would fall apart but it didn’t.

Although I love working with ceramic clay and glazes, I think some of the things I want to do in 3D really call for a lighter weight air dry clay, and painted finishes. So, I’m going to get back into that again, too.


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