Show update, ceramics, Petcasso


“Bullies,” acrylic on thriftstore reprint, 17 x 20 in.


Show Update

The opening reception at R. Pela Contemporary Art went well! I saw lots of familiar faces and met some new ones. Sold around 20 pieces so far, including some of the thriftstore makeovers, and also quite a few small drawings. It was good to meet Jared and talk to him about his art, too.

Art Detour weekend, we stopped by with my family during the day so they could see it, then hit a friend’s show before heading home. We had originally planned to come back Sunday on the train and really see Roosevelt Row’s shows, and Grand Avenue’s galleries, too. But, we had a sick pet that weekend who needed our attention so we stayed in. I’m glad to report he’s doing a bit better now. Geriatric pets have the same ailments older people do. I am sorry we didn’t get to see much of the art event. I will try to catch up as I can thru the month of March before shows come down.

The show will open a 2nd time on Friday, March 20, at 6 pm.  This may be the last show at this location, 335 W. McDowell, as R. Pela is looking for a new location and may be in it as soon as April this year!

Gallery site for more info:


Bisque fired bird heads, half inch to about 1 and a half in. tall.


Bisqued and coated with various glazes, ready for glaze firing, a bird head and breasted torso, about 2 in. tall.


Hollow Chicken, about 7 in. tall, glazed.


Higher, shallow, and with more texture to prevent slipping, hopefully these will be better dishes for our handicapped bird.


Lidded ceramic box creature, about 6 in. high


Creature trio. Foreground, “Ghost,” background 2 as yet untitled monsters. By Cindy Schnackel. Vary from 2 in. high to 8 in. long.



Most things from this spring’s handbuilding class are out of the kiln now! New classes start soon, and there will probably be a few pieces that aren’t fired until then.  I was pleased with everything so far except the glaze on the hollow chicken. No one really was thrilled with that glaze firing where it seemed most things came out gray or mauve. I reglazed the chicken with Snow White. Debated whether to go white or black, and now wish I’d gone black. I think Satin Black would’ve combated the mauve better. The Snow White didn’t. A 3rd glazing would probably obscure way too much detail, if it was advisable at all, so I’ll just leave well enough alone and make more chickens. For those who like mauve, this might be the perfect piece!

The lidded box creature was coated with iron oxide after it was bisque fired, sponging some off and leaving it in the depressions. Then the whole thing was dipped in Snow White.

Snow White glaze did well on everything else where I used it, including a white clay creature, which had ONLY white glaze, as I thought it looked ghostly. The Ghost was made from white clay scraps from the strainer in the sink. Some were probably stoneware but some were porcelain, (all cone 10 clays in our class). The larger creature in the Creature Trio pic is about 4 in. high x 8 in. long, and has udders, teeth, but no eyes.



Metal cut out cat by Misty Mulleneaux, painting by Cindy Schnackel, PETCASSO 2015

This is the 2nd time I donated a bit of my time and paint to the AZ Human Society’s fundraiser, Petcasso, for the animal shelter. Misty Mulleneaux did the metal cut out shapes which are about 20 in. high. Various artists painted them. This is my contribution. I titled it, “All the mice I’ve loved before.”

AZ Humane Society Petcasso 2015 page:


2 thoughts on “Show update, ceramics, Petcasso

  1. Glad it is going so well. Excellent.

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