Showing in March!


Poster for 2 person show, March 2015, R Pela gallery

Much of the work I’ve been doing, but not displaying online, will be at R. Pela Contemporary Art gallery in Phoenix, thru the month of March.

The opening reception is Friday, March 6, at 6 p.m. Since that is Art Detour weekend, there will be more opportunities to see the show. It has a 2nd reception on the 3rd Friday of the month.

Depicted in the poster, (although the actual piece is mounted on a decorative metal easel that hangs on a wall, not a frame), is Selfie with Chicken, after Alexis Grimou’s Girl Pilgrim, (1700s). You can see the unaltered one here:

I’ve just become familiar with Jared’s work online, and looking forward to seeing it in person.  This is one of my favorites of Jared’s work, Death of Twinkie the Kid, (I hope you can see it even if you’re not a Facebook member):

Thriftstore makeovers began as a way to get nice older frames at good prices. The new frames I was buying seemed to keep going down in quality, and up in price! About a year ago, I bought a reprint of Rembrandt’s Girl in an Open Door, for the frame. When I got it home and started working on the frame, I decided to alter the reprint itself and just put it back in the frame. A moment of whimsy became a whole show, when gallery owner Robrt Pela asked if I could do that many by the next year. I agreed, and began combing thrift stores. In this show, you’ll find a number of classics with monsters and birds, and even one giant, evil toddler.

In keeping with last year’s success of offering lots of miniature drawings, too, the gallery will be hanging dozens of small sketchbook pages all framed up, at affordable prices. I hope that we can find a spot for over 40 tiny paintings on bottle caps, too. Mostly bird portraits!

I still have a number of details to take care of before delivering art for the show. After that’s all taken care of, I will be blogging more about these pieces, as well as my ongoing ceramic creatures, and a project that’s still in its infancy. I have sales pending, and a charity project I need to get right on for an animal rescue. Lots to write about, hopefully starting next week!



3 thoughts on “Showing in March!

  1. You’re amazing. One bundle of creativity. I love the concept of altering traditional with your whimsy.

  2. You’re amazing. One bundle of creativity. I love the concept of altering traditional with your whimsy.

    • LOL, duplicate posts today, wheee! Thank you so much, glad you like it! It’s very different for me, and sometimes doing something different is a good thing in itself.

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