Show, First Friday, Feb. 6th, at {9} The Gallery, on Grand Ave, Phoenix


Two of the little critters on wheels to be at 9’s show “Move”

The announcement came out today on {9} The Gallery’s Facebook page, that “MOVE” is opening on First Friday, Feb 6, at 6 pm. It runs thru Feb 28th. Depending on which ones make the cut, (fill the display cases), I will be offering 10 or so of these little plastic brick sculptures on wheels. Most are chickens, (are you surprised?), but not all! A few have udders. My goal in making these was to keep them small and relatively simple, but with creative uses of blocks that are readily available. I started making them last year or the year before, and loved putting them on wheels. For one thing, the rolling platform helps keep their legs together! Each time I’d see a new brick in the parts wall at the store at the mall I’d be inspired to use it on new sculptures. Most were taken apart to be reused, until gallery owner Laura Dragon put out the call to artists for “MOVE!” My husband reminded me I had made these, and once Laura said she wanted them in the show, I kind of went nuts with the bricks in January, building and making quite a few. Some I decided to scrap but I have more than enough now to put in the display cases I got for this show, and they are all glued and dry.

1229 Grand Ave
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 465-3264

4 thoughts on “Show, First Friday, Feb. 6th, at {9} The Gallery, on Grand Ave, Phoenix

  1. BIG fun!!!! Love them … wishing you much luck!!!!! Tweeting!!

  2. Hey congrats!! Do you always participate in First Fridays? How exciting! Your work will be perfect for that “Move” show.

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