2015 Plans, February and April shows, more


Sample toy brick chicken, © Cindy Schnackel

Above is a sample of a chicken I built from plastic building bricks last year, and will be making some new ones this year to show a few in a show called “MOVE!” at 9 Gallery in Phoenix in February. The show is about all things transportation or that move. Owner Laura Dragon has a reputation for some really good shows, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s work.

2014MutantDesertAdI’ve added my section of the mural to my Inventory list, along with info on how to purchase it from the Phoenix Center for the Arts. The image is also available on a few products on my Redbubble site!


A show is planned of my work at R. Pela Contemporary Art in Phoenix, for April! It’s a bit early to reveal details, and I’m thinking of a few ways to reveal just a hint now and then.  This could be a 2 person show again like last year. It’s somewhat of a divergent path from my usual work, (something I started experimenting with about a year ago), and I want it to be displayed only when the gallery is ready to announce the show.

There will also be a host of miniature works, as those were very popular and sold well at my last show there. So, you can expect to find available quite a few small sketches and paintings, possibly some bottle cap paintings, all priced very reasonably, along with the main (larger) pieces. Because of the nature of this particular show, ALL prices will be especially reasonable, so it’s going to be a great chance to get sizable work by me, at an affordable price. Think ‘recycling.’  That is all I will say for now. 😉



2 thoughts on “2015 Plans, February and April shows, more

  1. HAA! LOVE that chicken on wheels! What a terrific show it’ll be…can’t wait to see/hear about it. And I hope we get to see the new creations!
    A show at Pela in April! Congratulations, Cindy!!
    Experimental? SO cool!

    • Thanks, Robin! There should be some interesting stuff in the ‘MOVE’ show, and I’m anxious to see who’s in it and what they did. I think I know who the other person will be in the 2-artist show at R. Pela now, but will wait until its announced. There is a show I might enter for March, too, in yet a third gallery, but I haven’t decided. It seems everything is going on at once, but then, we do live in an area that’s very seasonal. People like to beat the summer heat.

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