2014 Mural for Phoenix Festival of the Arts


Mutant Desert, acrylic on gessoed plywood, 4 x 4 feet, Cindy Schnackel

This past weekend, I again participated in the Phoenix Festival of the Arts mural project. Last year was my first year doing it, when I made the painting, “Swinger,” which sold.  This year, we painted on plywood instead of canvas. We each had one 4 x 4 foot panel to ourselves, and also had a 4 x 8 foot panel in between artists to collaborate and make the mural blend together.  Above is my individual section, which I painted in 3 afternoons outdoors in Hance park along with dozens of other artists whose panels wound thru the grassy area.  I like doing this mural project and plan on doing it again in 2015! Artists are only into it for their time and paint. No fee to do it! The event supplies the surfaces to paint on, and if your section sells, you get paid a generous commission.  (All sections are $300 and available from the event sponsors, see link below.) It’s a fun social event, and good for networking. We meet many of the people we may have formerly only known online.

I started late on Friday, basing in the sky and land colors and sketched a few cacti that first day. On Saturday, which started out beautiful, a rain shower blew in and the temps dropped, then it got windy! I was close to being done by the end of the day in spite of that, but with the wind, it was hard to hang on to the panels and paint. By then I was also shivering, since I was in shorts. I did as much as I could before it began to get dark and my hands became numb. Sunday was a beautiful day, not windy at all! Plenty of time to finish the details and add some colored glazes, as well as work some more on shading and highlights. Hopefully, this year’s mural section will sell, too!

Here’s info on the event and where to contact them if you are interested in purchasing the original:

http://phoenixfestivalofthearts.org/ About the festival

http://phoenixcenterforthearts.org/contact/  Contact info for event sponsors

I tried out the image on several Redbubble products and chose those it worked well on.  See how it looks on them here! http://www.redbubble.com/people/cschnack/works/13352060-mutant-desert



4 thoughts on “2014 Mural for Phoenix Festival of the Arts

  1. Wow. You are seriously dedicated. I run into that weather during art fairs often but I can’t imagine trying to create art in it. Love your whimsy.

  2. Shorts! LOL! I had to double-check the date on this post. The event sounds terrific; your section is great. I esp like it on the tote bag.
    I’m in awe of you. Really.

  3. Aw, thanks, Robin! Yeah one day it was warm, another day not!

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