Mug! Latest Ceramics; The Hanging sold; Chicken shirt meetup



Ceramic mug from, artwork © Cindy Schnackel

The wide panoramic format of the painting this is from worked well for the mug. It is my acrylic painting, Good China in the Bad Desert. the painting is large and detailed so I felt it would be a great test of how sharp the reproduction on mugs would be, and I was very pleased! Even reduced many times like this, you can make out all the detail. the design wraps all the way around the mug except where the handle is. I plan on offering more of my art on Redbubble’s products soon, including mugs, now that I have seen one. I always buy something to make sure I know what it’s like and that it’s something I’d be proud to see my work on, before going too far. So far, all have been really nice.

The mug came well packed and with info saying the ceramic ones are dishwasher and microwave safe!



Class is over for the semester, and we have a pick up day in a couple of weeks to go get the last of the glaze fired objects. I have several more to pick up then. Here’s some of the more recent things I completed.



Black, white, and blue bowl, Cindy Schnackel, late Oct 2014

Satin Black and Snow White glazes must have created this blue where they overlapped. I’m pretty sure it was just those two glazes. I rarely go for a 3rd.  The specks are iron in the clay, I’m told.  The white dot is glaze, a drop of white put there on a whim, and I like that it makes it look like a landscape with a moon.


High Fired Creature, Cindy Schnackel, Oct 2014

I am quite pleased with this small creature.  Had I been a planner, I’d have made him a creamer, (vegan cream of course). But the fact that the tail is kind of a handle was a late thought, and that’s as far as it went. He/she has udders, too, like my “Mammal” series of mixed media pieces. This critter is about 5 inches long and about 3.5 in. tall.


Creature bowl with “white crawl” glaze, Cindy Schnackel, Oct 2014


Some favorites from late Oct 2014, Cindy Schnackel

Some late October favorites.  I made several mugs, this was the biggest and the handle is easy to hold. The glaze came out good on all of them.  The bowl in the foreground is the same as the mug for glaze; Snow White and Stoneware Blue overlapping in the middle.  I did a lot of things that way, it really intrigued me.  The bowls in the background are Snow White with Satin Black, and I think the brown one is Spodumene, but I was bad and didn’t keep records.  I am going to try to be better about that next semester!


SOLD–The Hanging

Thank you buyers, for your purchases!

I especially want to mention the sale of The Hanging. This painting went to its new home in early November! It had been done while I was hanging a solo show in 2012 in the Nielsen building in Phoenix, and was shown at my bird art show at R. Pela in 2014. The buyer saw it on my site in this case, and it was great to see her so pleased and excited when I delivered it.



The Hanging, Acrylic, 18 x 24 inches, Cindy Schnackel



The buyer of The Hanging had previously purchased one of my tee shirts on redbubble,  and posted a picture of herself wearing it, on Facebook. This resulted in several sales of it right afterwards, mostly to locals!  We are thinking of doing a group picture for December’s art walk, of several local people all wearing their coffee drinking chicken tee shirts!  Available here:


Tee shirt by Cindy Schnackel




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