Getting close to the end of wheel throwing for the year


Creature Pot, Cindy Schnackel, Oct 2014

You may remember in an earlier post, I had a pic of this when it was still greenware. The skin on the creature is White Crawl, and it came out really nice. It’s a bit of a tricky glaze so I didn’t know if it’d just run and be sad, or what it’d do.  This is a small flower pot, though even with the small drainage hole in the bottom, I could use it for things like cherry tomatoes or grapes if I wanted to.


Creature drying, Cindy Schnackel, Oct 2014

This little guy is currently waiting to be glaze fired, but in this pic he was wet clay, with a towel mushed inside to prop him up.  I hesitated to even put glaze on this once it was bisque fired, but decided there will be many more creatures to come, so I’d do an experiment. I should see the results within the week.


Bowls and mugs, Cindy Schnackel, Oct 2014

Going to have to either drink smaller amounts of coffee, or get better at throwing so I can throw larger mugs! One of these is probably normal size, but the other two mugs are more like for espresso or something, LOL!  Pretty though, so maybe pencil cups.  The bowls are all usable, everything from ice cream to condiments, can be served in these depending on size.  Most here are the Snow White and Stoneware Blue overlapping dip.  The odd one is Snow White and probably Spodumene, but I gave up trying to keep notes. Next semester I really need to develop a system for keeping track. I’m thinking of doing an inventory number system scratched into the bottom of each piece, then keeping track of what glaze went on each piece, by number. I still love the surprise that happens when we find the glazeware has been unloaded.

We have very little left now. The last class is over, and there are only open studios to finish up anything still remaining. My husband and I each have just a couple of pieces and will be finishing those within about a week.  The new classes start in January, 2015. We’re considering continuing with throwing.  I will still work handbuilt things in, regardless!


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