Weekend Happiness


2 of Brian’s bowls and my tiny striped blue and white bowl, about Oct 18th.

Brian has really been getting into glazes! The two at the top are his. We still need to figure out if we can score, snap, and smooth a glaze oops, (we’ve each had at least one of those now), but otherwise we love the happy surprises we find when the glaze firing has been unloaded from the kiln! Above, Brian’s bowl at top left was Purple Haze and possibly something else.  His bowl at right top is Snow White and Stoneware Blue.  We’re not sure how it got a nearly black spot, but we like it.  At the bottom is my tiny bowl with a double dip, one side Snow White, the other Stoneware Blue, overlapping in the middle. I’ve done a few other pieces with that glaze combo now that should be out of the glaze firing by next weekend if not sooner.  Below are some close ups of these most recent finished pieces.


My tiny striped bowl, Oct 2014.


Side of my tiny striped bowl, Oct 2014.


Brian’s amazing purple and yellow veiny marbley glaze. Inside bowl. Oct. 2014.


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