Not that I’ll ever stop painting chickens…


Work table with paintings and works in progress, Aug 2014, Cindy Schnackel

Decided to do three more miniature cartoony chicken paintings.  Also on the table in various stages of progress are bottle caps with tiny birds painted on them! Right now, the table is taken up by frames that need cleaning in anticipation of another group of affordable miniatures being offered next year, or sooner.  They are always available. I have penciled in plans with a gallery to show again in April next year, a two person show.  I won’t say what it’s about, and you won’t see me post much if anything that’s going to be in it! I want it to be seen for the first time AT the show, and I probably won’t announce the show until the gallery does.

In the meantime I’ll still be painting birds, big and small probably. It’s almost fall here, which means outdoors might be nice enough soon to take big canvases out and paint with palette knives again.  I’ve got quite a few things going. Before I can really proceed I need to do a thorough cleaning and organizing of my studio again. Amazing how fast that can get out of order if I neglect that “place for everything” principle.  I have no idea how I managed at our old house where I didn’t even have a studio.  Besides collage material, frames, work in progress, there is now the material to work with for the 2015 show.  Some of it defies categorization.  Will there be birds? Almost certainly, but not entirely birds.

One of my new projects this summer was to create a new blog , titled “Found A Chicken.”  You can read an interview I did with Sarah Hudock and her chicken art here:

I plan to blog there about a variety of chickeny topics, from chicken sightings to artist interviews to maybe even a review of ‘fake chicken’ brands, because since we don’t eat chickens, we have tried many. Some are very convincing and tasty!


2 thoughts on “Not that I’ll ever stop painting chickens…

  1. I Love your Chickens Cindy these are BRILLIANT! ~Cheers Friend xo :0))

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