The Art of Making Mistakes..

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The Secret Kingdom


Throughout The Secret Kingdom you will find several little drawings that I made using a ball-point pen.

I did all the interior illustrations for Lemon Bee and Other Peculiar Tales with just a pen and paper.

I love to draw in pen.


Because you can’t make mistakes.

Well, technically you CAN make mistakes.. but drawing in pen teaches you to not be defeated by mistakes.

Big difference.

Drawing in pen teaches you to be creative.

Drawing in pen teaches you to bounce back.

When mistakes do happen.. and they will

do you just trash the whole thing and start over?


You work through it.

You get creative.

You bounce back.

Such is life.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Making Mistakes..

  1. Thank You Cindy for Following my blog & Liking my Paintings & Drawings!!! 🙂 *Cynthia

  2. Love this Post! How true and very interesting – Your Characters are BRILLIANT!! ~Cheers xoxo :0))

  3. Inspiring!!!! And true!! ::applause::

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