Show extended after PBS coverage; Thrift store makeovers


Good China in the Bad Desert, Acrylic on deep edged panel, 48 x 20 in. $600

“DRY” Extended into at least early August due to interest after media coverage

After PBS’s show, Horizon, covered the art show I’m in, there was a lot of interest from people who had not seen the show. So, gallery owner Robrt Pela decided to extend the show into August, (when the gallery had been planning to be be closed until the September show opened). So, if you missed the art show, it is still there and will be for a little while!  Below is the gallery site, and a link to the Horizon segment covering the show, in case you missed that, too:

R. Pela Contemporary Art Gallery, Phoenix AZ:

PBS Horizon, Art Beat coverage of “Dry” show at R. Pela gallery 22 July 2014:



A thrift store makeover (and some paintings on bottle caps) in progress. Reprint being altered is Robert Zund’s “Way to Emmaus,” originally painted in the 1800’s.

Thrift store makeover sold

Another thrift store makeover has sold, this time a take off on Robert Zund’s 1800’s painting, “Way to Emmaus,” (a cardboard reprint of it)!  I added some giant chickens, a pensive peanut, a monster, and a gave Jesus a balloon. A buyer saw my post about it on Facebook and snapped it up. Yay!

A painting of this era is in the public domain due to age, copyrights having expired. While alterations are the copyright of the new artist who comes along and changes a public domain image, the original unaltered version remains in the public domain. There could be many altered versions of this around though I don’t know of any.  Initially I was just going to add the balloon, but of course that was not going to stand. I had to add chickens, etc.  The above image was  nearly complete.  I’ll probably offer it printed on products on my redbubble site, haven’t decided which ones yet, but I tested out the templates for products and really liked Jesus with a balloon for the cell phone cases.  Subtle but irreverent.

Because of a request I’ll be doing more thrift store makeovers. I will never lose interest in painting birds but as most artists do, I sometimes like to shift focus to something different. A new medium or subject, or whatever. Doing more thrift store makeovers is what excites me right now, so I’ll be scouring local thrift stores for reprints of classics especially.  Below is one I did earlier this year, while it was still in progress. (It also sold).


Work in progress shot, adding birds to thrift store reprint of Rembrandt’s Girl in an Open Door, (originally painted in the 1600’s). This was completed for a show in April 2014 and sold. I ended up painting out the white scratch. At first I was going to capitalize on what it obviously looked like, but it was just “too much poop” even for me, LOL!


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