Wear it, squeeze it, carry stuff in it

GrassEatersPillToteThe POD site I’m on, redbubble, added two new products recently, throw pillows and tote bags. After trying out a few of my images, and ordering an actual pillow to see what they were like, I decided to put a few of my images on them. Not everything works for this, so not everything will be available on these products. Besides decisions about just what looks right, some size formats just don’t work as well, either cutting off too much or not going edge to edge. So only those that made the cut are on them!  I’ll be doing more in the coming weeks probably.

ChickenCoffeeTeeViewIn addition to the new products, I still have some of my cartoony versions and images available on tee shirts. I have bought a number of these over the years and like the smooth, lightweight fabric, perfect for our hot weather.  The printing seems to last well, even though I machine wash and dry them along with everything else, no special treatment.

Who knows what other products RB will get! Or if I’ll choose to sell it. Only time will tell.  See what is offered on these products here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/cschnack/collections/134829-tees-pillows-totes


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