Critiquing the Critics

Nice compilation of art critics columns by David McDonough.

David McDonough's Art Blog

ABOVE: Jerry Saltz. Photo by Knight Foundation

I love art, and I love to read about it. That said, I am not a fan of Artspeak, and I’ve little interest in PHD hyperbole.

If you’re into well-formulated opinions – written in plain English – you’ll love the following critics:

Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine

My favorite art critic. Saltz is all about accessibility. He often responds to comments on his articles, is a Facebook pro-star, and even did a Reddit AMA.

Roberta Smith, New York Times

Married to Jerry Saltz, Smith is by far the more formal of the two. Even so, her reviews are clear and insightful.

Adrien Searle, UK Guardian

Searle loves the camera (in a good way), and his video reviews are often excellent. His writing isn’t bad either.

Jonathan Jones, UK Guardian

His articles are short. So are the tempers in the comments section.

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Updating Inventory/Price List


Hide and Seek, Acrylic on canvas panel, 14 x 11, unframed, $225

At the top of my blog you will see Pages here, including Current Inventory.  I’m still working on this, as I still  need to create small images for some of my works yet.  I added quite a few this week, with price, size, etc.  Above is an example.  (Edit-Update May 5, Added some more images w/prices and details to the list today.)


I was very happy with the show in April! Met a lot of new people as well as finally met some I’d only known through Facebook, where I network with the local art community in some very good groups. Sold more than half of the artwork, some to former collectors, some to completely new buyers whom I hope will become collectors now.