A few of the pieces still available at R. Pela gallery

These are just a few of the pieces still available at R. Pela Contemporary Art, 335 W. Mc Dowell, Phoenix, AZ!  There are more. I made quite a few sales, especially of small pieces, but also some larger ones. All in all a very good show, thanks for all who attended and purchased! The show comes down this Sunday.  Gallery: http://rpelagallery.com/contact/


Chick Princess, Acrylic, 5×7 in Cindy Schnackel


Unverified Heir, Acrylic, 5×7 in. Cindy Schnackel


Hen Madonna, Acrylic, 8×10 in. Cindy Schnackel


A Little Bird Told Me, collage, 12 x 6 in. Cindy Schnackel

Reception this Friday April 18

3rdFriThis Friday, April 18, please join me and fellow artist Scott Wolf for the second reception of our show, For the Birds!  The gallery opens at 6 pm and is open until 9 pm.  (Or by appointment.)  The 3rd Friday art walk will be going on so there will be many galleries open in downtown Phoenix the same evening.

Most of the little affordable pieces sold out so gallery owner Robrt asked me to bring in more!  Today, I’m delivering 17 new miniature paintings and drawings for this Friday’s reception.  Many are new this month.

Hope to see you there!

More new small pieces available for 3rd Friday reception

TeapotframeSM “For the Birds” has been very successful, thank you so much for all who attended and also those who purchased some of my work or Scott Wolf’s!  Above is an ink sketch I did this week, only about 2 inches across. Though everything at the show at R. Pela Contemporary Art is still viewable there until the show ends, even if it sold, the small pieces nearly sold out, so Robrt asked me to bring in some more!  I had found some unique little frames at a thrift store, so have been busy filling them with new and old doodles, including this new ink sketch in a tiny metal teapot frame.



This ink and wash sketch is also new, and not much bigger than the one above, but it’s in a larger frame. I aged this frame to give it some character and go with the drawing.




ChickPrincessIn addition to the wall of tiny affordable pieces, there are small to large ones still available too. Last I knew, many of the Royal Poultry series was still available but at least one had sold…so no fears about breaking up the set, that ship has already sailed!  Above is one from the series, Chick Princess. These are small (5×7 in.) but elaborate, and in frames that add to their overall size.


The painting used in the show poster, The Hanging, is 24 x 18 in. (horizontal format).  It is still available! It’s in a very cool frame, too.



HenPartyCSchnackelOK, I have worked larger but above is one of the largest I have in the show, Hen Party, 48 x 36 inches. There are two more ‘giant chicken’ paintings the same size. Still available!

Some of the larger pieces sold, too! All in all, it has been a successful and fun show. I met quite a few people I only  online, especially Facebook.

I look forward to the 3rd Friday art walk, April 18, when we do it all over again!  If you missed 1st Friday, or got there after so many of the little pieces sold, please come for 3rd Friday. Heck, even if you were there before, would be great to see you again!



Open 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month (art walk nights) and by appointment.

R. Pela Contemporary Art

335 West McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ