Show update; new work

For_the_Birds_EVITE_smallYesterday, my husband and I delivered two car loads of artwork to R. Pela gallery in Phoenix! Looking forward to Friday night!

I’ve been promoting the show and uploading images of newer work. Below is one of a series of miniature paintings of chickens as ‘royals.’  This half duck, half chicken is titled “Unverified Heir.”  The series includes six 5 x 7 acrylic paintings in gaudy frames. Not sure if there will be more to the series in the future, or if I’ve gotten this particular concept out of my system.

UnverifiedHeirSM_CWhile a large portion of my art inventory is at R. Pela, I will be cleaning and organizing my studio again. When we first moved here in January this year, I barely got it functional before I got too busy to really organize it.  Now with all the space cleared out, I have no excuse.  My shelves are already starting to make more sense. And, hopefully, I will be bringing back far less than I took in to the gallery! If you are in the Phoenix area, I hope you’ll stop by the show.

The gallery site is:

See more of my work here:



2 thoughts on “Show update; new work

  1. Awwww, this is wonderful. I’m so happy for you, Cindy! And I’ll bet that your studio is all set up by now. Wish I could’ve attended the show! Thank you for sharing the work with us!

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