For the Birds; showing in April! Also, Governors Arts Award


“For the Birds will open on First Friday, April 4 at 6 p.m. with an artist reception, and again on Third Friday, April 18 at 6. The show will remain on exhibit through April 28. R. Pela Contemporary Art is located at 335 West McDowell Road, and is otherwise open by appointment only, by calling 602-320-8445.” — R. Pela website announcement of the show:

I’ll be showing with fellow artist Scott Wolf, (the toy phone mashup is Scott’s). My first time seeing Scott’s work was his chick with vegetable peeler!  I don’t know if that will be in the show, I am pretty sure he has sold it but not sure.

Quite a few of the pieces I’ll be showing are new and have never been uploaded to the net, though I’ve shown a few sneak peeks of work in progress, detail shots, etc.  It’s my nature to upload new work as it happens. This year though, I refrained from doing that with certain work, so that new works and series could be shown together when I was ready, without the ‘set’ being already broken up before the show.

There will be sparrows. I was going through some old sketchbooks to find framable small pieces, and ran across a 2012 sparrow head portrait, that is very much the twin brother/sister of a new surrealistic painting of a sparrow.  I wonder what took me so long to get around to painting it?  The sketch was nice in monochrome, but I applied thin layers of acrylic glazes, and some colored pencil detail, to turn it into a colored piece that has more impact, and put it in a vintage frame with curved glass.

Also, new chickens, several of them, wearing clothes.

As is true with a lot of my work, I start very subconsciously and let it develop.  Later, I may start to see symbolism in the works, but it’s interesting to hear what other people see in it, too.  This is particularly true of the detailed paintings where objects I add for seeming no reason begin to have possible meanings.  Look for things like eggs, dishes, and toys, and see what they say to you!




Tonight is the Governors Arts Award event, where my painting, Birds in Wigs, will be presented to the arts education org that wins their category.  I’m curious to meet whoever is going to take it home, and hope they like strange birds!  Given that it’s an organization that will win it, I wonder if it will end up hanging in a public place. That might be cool! (The painting was purchased for the award, see previous posts about that.)  Here is a recent article about it, you can see which category of nominees is eligible to win each piece purchased for the event:


2 thoughts on “For the Birds; showing in April! Also, Governors Arts Award

  1. Congratulations Cindy

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