Studio2014Still not all organized, but my studio in the new place is now functional! Good thing, too, because I’d accepted a pet portrait commission back in Dec. I knew we were moving and wisely did not agree to have it done until the end of January. I’ve been making good progress on that.

A corner of a work in progress is visible here on my work table. And lots of still-unhung art in the background still leaning against things.

Some people would be surprised to know that this is my FIRST studio.  Formerly, I’ve worked off of kitchen tables, and when I was single even my bed, on my ‘painting blanket.’  It is a small room but it has a large-ish North facing window. The first day we had keys to the new place I was in here cleaning, and noting the light in the rooms that were potential studios.  While another room was bigger, and I could’ve used the space, this little room had wonderful light all day long so I chose it.  Once I get it all organized it should be pretty cool!


2 thoughts on “Moved

  1. Ah Cindy, I’m just a wee bit jealous. I’ve dreamed all my life of having a special room of my own… sacred art space….maybe next lifetime. Congrats on yours!

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