Swinger’s new home, and the big move

My painting, "Swinger," in buyer's home. Photo used by permission.

Photo used with permission

“Swinger,” the 6 x 3 ft. mural section I did for the Phoenix Festival of the Arts last weekend, has already gone to its new home, and the buyer generously allowed me to use this lovely photo she took of it on their wall.  It seems the stars aligned when she and her husband were choosing colors to redo the room at about the same time I was choosing the colors I did on the mural, each of us unaware what the other was doing.  What a striking color scheme!

The move is going along. I’m surrounded by boxes. Today, I marveled at how much packing material it takes to pack glass, ceramics, artwork, and other fragile things.  Then there are the objects that aren’t fragile themselves, but would roll around a box like cannonballs, smashing everything in there, so like the naughty kids in class have to be separated. Like stone bookends and iron horses.


Our cockatiels are fascinated by the boxes and would like to nest in them.  Not sure if it’s instinctive or they learned it, but they are nuts over brown paper bags, boxes, etc. That color just seems to say “nest” to them!


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