Mural, Phoenix Festival of the Arts; the move

Me, Phoenix Festival of the Arts mural project Dec 14 2013A couple of months ago, I learned about a mural project and agreed to participate.  Each, (of what ended up being 100+ artists), would paint a 6 x 3 foot canvas.  Back in November, I went to one of the canvas stretching gatherings and it felt good to be doing that kind of thing again. I didn’t know at the time that we’d be moving right when the mural project would be happening, or I might have passed it by. It was a good thing that I didn’t know because I had a blast!  Above is a pic of me in front of my in-progress section.  (The event organizers gave us each a sign informing event-goers that the sections would be for sale, $300). I had a couple of people express interest, so hopefully it will sell.  The bulk of the sale price goes to the artist, unusual for community or charity projects, and really nice. It sends the message that art has value. The rest of the money helps support the arts in my area, a worthy cause.

I loved that the passerby in the panoramic shot is distorted.  His legs come to points, (much like I sometimes draw people, especially women in high heels), and he floats over the ground.  Hmmm…perhaps material for a future painting.

Phoenix Festival of the Arts December 2013

I started this about 11:30 a.m. (Saturday the 14th), and finished around 3:00 p.m.  I call it “Swinger.”  Two or three people picked up on the bird on the swing being a self portrait!

Phoenix Festival of the Arts Dec 2013; my section of mural

Below is a complete surprise; I decided to see what the Symmetry effect would do to my painting in an ipad photo editing app called Photo Studio. I love the bug-like shape overall.


I’m not sure which I like better, the real painting or the digitally distorted version! I often have fun distorting faces, too.  Sometime maybe I’ll blog about that.

Phoenix Festival of the Arts:

Each year I allow myself to do one charity or community project, (that’s how it averages out), should there be good ones that come along.  I have one in mind for early 2014, but it will depend on whether they still need artists by the time we’re moved and I’ve gotten a large commission well in hand in time. (It is one thing to have to rush myself packing to move, but another to rush a commissioned painting!) At any rate, if they do the mural for the Festival of the Arts again next year, I may do it again. There was something really restorative about doing the project.


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