Last week’s teaser pic of a small section of work in progress has led to these two just for fun pieces. Each is on a deep cradled Ampersand panel that had a painting on it that I either didn’t like well enough or lost interest in before I finished. (That happens when spontaneity is a cornerstone of your method.)  They’d just been sitting around taking up space, with too much texture to do anything else BUT a highly textured work on. So, last week I repurposed the matching panels by doing a very spontaneous, fast, fun, loose project.  It has various crackle products. I was really happy with the way the crackle pattern worked out on these, big and bold, with colors showing through.

They are ready to hang.  I normally would not sell a piece this size for this price, but because I’m repurposing old surfaces and doing some fast just for fun stuff right now, I’m selling these for only $150 each. If you buy them both at the same time, only $275.  (Shipping/packing extra, free delivery in the Phoenix area.)  These are very cheering, kind of an abbreviated and easier to carry version of some of my bigger paintings of ‘giant coffee drinking chickens.’

UPDATE, finished a 3rd today. This one is just a bit smaller, 11 x 14, and it’s also on a deep cradled wood panel with finished edges, (dark crackle, kind of subtle). It, too, is priced to be a great value for the size, $100 (plus shipping and packing if out of my delivery area). Maybe someone on your shopping list would like this!



5 thoughts on “Ta-da!

  1. Oh, SPLENDID!!!!! I hope someone takes these home right away.

  2. These are lovely!

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