A Teaser and a Cactus You can Pet

WIPcracklesteamOct2013A Work In Progress shot (WIP) of a fun piece. You can guess which character will be in it, (not shown here)! I enjoyed using up some crackle products and playing around with a rubber tool to make textures.  Now that it’s gorgeous outside again, I can paint out there on the patio, work large, and use messier things, or things that would be best dried outside away from our pets and us.  This WIP is from a 16 x 20 inch work on cradled panel, a whimsical  happy piece, that is pretty much done now except for the final sealing coats.  I am working on some copyright registrations and may suddenly post a whole bunch of stuff once that’s taken care of, including these probably. (There are two, which would be nice to sell as a pair but not necessary.)


Three cacti of a variety I’d never seen before, but not sure if it was due to cultivation or nature!

The thorns on “Eve’s Needle” (far left) were long and soft; I was petting them in the store. It had that odd condition you sometimes see on saguaros where the tips fan out into a ‘crest.’ VERY interesting, and I wonder if the entire plant will grow this way or revert to ‘normal’ after awhile.  “Road Kill” (middle); I am not sure why it was named that. It was a bit unusual, perhaps resembled a flattened animal on the road, I dunno.  Um, nice name…ick…but cool plant. The Euphorb on the right was similar to our ‘firesticks’ at home, not sure if it was shaped this way through trimming or was natural. I liked the tree trunk like appearance.  I was fascinated by all 3, and if we could really get into planting where we live now, I might have had to choose at least one of them to come home with me.

Left to Right (from the plant’s containers):

Eves needle/ opuntia sibilants cristata
Road kill cacti/ opuntia rubescens
Euphorbia leucodemdron


2 thoughts on “A Teaser and a Cactus You can Pet

  1. Oooooo!!!! I LOVE that new work! The crackle is delicious! Rubber tool? Was it one of those wedge things? Can’t wait to see all of this!!!!

    The plants are fascinating. I’m a big fan of succulents, esp cactus one. They look so cool! And sometimes they make amazing flowers, etc. So you didn’t get one? Could you take a piece and root it for inside? When I was still growing plants I found that many succulents are happy to grow from little pieces.

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