RIP Joe, and Bogus DMCA Takedowns Hurt Artists



We’ve lost a respected professional photographer and copyright advocate, Joe Beasley.  Joe passed away last week after illness.  He will be sorely missed by many people, not only for his generous sharing of reliable information on photo techniques and intellectual property law.  He was just a really good person. He was also one of those rare people where it doesn’t matter that you only knew him via the internet. Many did, and counted him as friend, and not the Facebook kind of “friend” but a real one. I’m told by one of his in person friends we knew mutually online, that most of those who signed his online guestbook on his obit, were internet friends.  His family was very touched to read the many nice comments, as many of them were not online and didn’t really know how far Joe’s reach was.

R.I.P., Joe.

This is one I wish I could share with Joe now.  Perhaps I wrote it because now he’s not here to write things like this, I dunno.  What really prompted me to write it, is that there was a flurry of bogus takedowns being complained about on a site I’m on.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a staunch copyright defender (which is how I knew Joe).  So abuse of a law we need angers me. Abuse can lead to changing or eliminating laws that are good, instead of just penalizing the abusers.
I blogged about it here:

“Bad DMCA Takedowns Backfire”


4 thoughts on “RIP Joe, and Bogus DMCA Takedowns Hurt Artists

  1. Oh, gosh. Joe.

    So many deaths.

    Your article is super, Cindy.

    I visited the Blogspot post and tried to leave a comment but I couldn’t make it work.

    • Yes, i sure miss Joe, and not just because he was always making great comments about these issues, he was just a really nice person.

      As for the blogspot blog, a lot of people can’t seem to make comments work there. I had it set to the most lax settings for a long time and still some people could not make it work. So I finally reset it to registered google bloggers only, as it may at least deter some of the spammers. Though, the spam filter was catching all the spam, I am still curious to see if I get any spam now that I changed the settings.

      • I even used my Google account (I have a Blogspot one that I don’t post on). Maybe I need to be one of the “Google Friends” to do it? Well…it’s OK. I’m just glad I can visit here.

      • Yes…wow…Joe seemed like a terrific guy.

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