Party Pooper

The Party Pooper

Cindy Schnackel

PartyPooperSchnackelSMA quick, unplanned painting, done with the leftover paint while working on a new series of miniature chicken paintings.  He kind of looks like…well…poop in a suit. After I did some scribbley swirls in the background I thought it kind of looked like he was at a party, with confetti flying, and feeling uminpressed.  So he’s the Party Pooper.  5 x 7 in. on linen canvas board, acrylic.

Finished Something Today

The heat is finally letting up, though I know to my friends in cooler places, “cooling off to only 104” is nothing to get excited about. Still, there is a small window of opportunity in the morning to put things out to dry or even do a little work.

Today I was finishing the aging treatment on some miniature pieces I’m selling as part of my Affordable Art line.  Each of these little darlings is $25, all three for only $60 if you buy them in a single purchase, (shipping/handling are extra).

CoastersAngledThese started as restaurant coasters!  A nice heavy paper I couldn’t resist drawing on, while chowing down on Fish & Chips at a now closed Irish pub somewhere in Tempe.  I did the drawings last year, but this year, I wanted to do something more interesting with them, and get them ready to hang. Not really a fan of frames and glass if I can avoid it, so I got some 4 x 4 inch cradled wood panels, and mounted them.  I like doing aging and crackle finishes, so naturally that’s the finish I chose for the sides, and I decided to take a risk and do something like that on the front, too. Happily, it worked out well.  By this point, they are definitely mixed media.  The original drawings before all the aging, etc, were ballpoint pen and acrylic wash, maybe a bit of colored pencil.

I’m sealing everything really good with clear acrylic, and like my other little wood mounted pieces will probably finish it lastly with a buffed coat of Dorland’s wax medium. I don’t recommend abusing art, but I find this finish method is very durable.

These and other pieces are found here; be sure to read my Journals when you visit my site; that’s where my price lists are for available original artworks.

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