“Exceeded Expectations”


It’s always nice when a product works BETTER than you expected!

A few months ago, I was experimenting with doing a collage on a terracotta or saltillo type floor tile as the support. I decided the tile was too heavy to be practical and abandoned it.

But, I had already sealed it on all sides and edges with Golden paint co’s GAC 100, an all purpose acrylic medium that is also a good sealer.  I’d also already adhered parts of an old vintage magazine page in a way that would look aged and peeling. I then sealed all of it with GAC 100, and left it on the patio for months, while I thought about whether to do anything more with it.

Once I decided it was just too darn heavy and would require too much futzing around to hang it safely, I decided to turn it into a stepping stone by the water hose. I laid it face down in the perpetual mud there, and fully expected the bits of magazine page would come off if or when I ever got around to lifting it to check.  Well, it was laying in mud, water, and 110+ sun and heat all summer so far, and I decided to turn it over this weekend.

To my GREAT surprise…it was completely unaffected by the sun, heat, and long mud bath!

The GAC 100 held up in every way.  I feel confident now that it must be a pretty durable product, and it’s what I have been using to seal the wood scraps, etc, that I’ve painted on to do some of my ‘recycled art’ like the ‘Recycled Rooster’ on an OSB scrap, and the painting, ‘Good China in the Bad Desert’ which is on a scrap of hardboard.  I also use it as a painting medium sometimes, as I believe it dries a bit slower than regular acrylic gel or fluid mediums.  It does not seem brittle, which is often a trade off for really durable clear acrylic products, but it is probably not quite as plastic when dry as, say gel medium.



GAC 100 dries clear and glossy. As with the above mentioned paintings on lumber store scraps, I have used it as a sealer on surfaces I think might need sealing, before I gesso them, or sometimes just the GAC 100 if I want the surface to show through.  (If I want the end result to be matte, I coat the final work with fluid matte medium, instead of a glossier acrylic varnish/medium or more GAC 100.)


BTW this is not any sort of official endorsement. I shared this blog with Golden on their Facebook page and they seemed happy to know about this experience.  I was not paid by Golden, and I am not guaranteeing you can soak your art in mud and expect the same results.  🙂


12 thoughts on ““Exceeded Expectations”

  1. Yeeehah!!!! Thank you for sharing this, Cindy!!!! That’s VERY useful info! I’ve been trying to figure out what to use and briefly considered that Modge-Podge stuff but it didn’t sound like a good thing for paintings.


    I love that tile. It’s beautiful and fascinating!

    • Thanks, glad you found it helpful. I took two short videos of my hand drawing with an Inktense pencil and the Aquash water brush, and tried emailing it to myself and it says “video too long.” Grrrr…will have to find another way to get it off my phone and onto the computer. I think I need that cable thing and I don’t see it anywhere.

  2. Ooo!! Inktense pencils are lovely. Can’t wait to see the videos.
    You’re on an iPhone? And a Mac? Can you open Preview to do it? It worked for me yesterday.

    • Yes, iphone, but computer is a PC. If I can mail images to myself I can open them on either the PC or the ipad, save them, then do stuff with them. But when I try to mail the video to myself it says it’s “too long.” So until my husband produces the cable or USB hub thingie ro whatever we have, I can’t get the video off my camera and onto anything so I can save and post it someplace. I might make a different video anyway, because I was trying to keep it really short so I COULD email it to myself, and that didn’t give me much time to show much. I’m not sure why the phone says it’s too long. I’ve emailed videos before that I think were about the same length, under 2 min most likely.

      Not sure what “Preview” you mean, to open, maybe that’s a MAC thing? I have watched the video from my phone’s camera roll, that’s the only “preview” I know of, LOL!

    • BTW, I think I found a way to make comments of people I always approve comments of, to automatically post now, so you ‘shouldn’t’ have to wait for me to moderate now if you’ve posted here before and been approved.

  3. Oh!! I thought you were on a Mac. That does make a difference. Yes, “Preview” is the Mac’s image-opening application. It opens stuff to look at (preview) and can handle some basic editing functions, too. I can synch it to my phone. But the cable connection is always easier.

    Wow. Mailing videos is tricky. Size matters…! I don’t even try anymore.
    It’s too bad RB doesn’t take videos. If it did you could upload it from your phone and then download the file to the PC.

    Hey, thank you for doing that WP approval thing.

  4. Wow that’s a serious testimonial. I’ve been pleased with Golden mediums but I had no idea it would hold up to that kind torture.

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